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No description

Rachel Wentzel

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Pulse

How can we utilize PG Pulse? Objectives:

To inform and teach the group how to use PG Pluse
To create a virtual community that connects members and fosters positive relationships
To enable an environment where members feel safe from judgement
allowing open and honest conversations
To leverage technology that increases productivity through:
single search location
single document location
current/up to date documents
real time collaboration
To develop a place for information to be shared with all members
holding company and agency information
policies and guidelines
helpful templates
historical documents
cost information Inform & Teach Community Global Content Community:
Shared Documents
Our Community Dashboard:
landing page
"our team wall" Discussions:
About each Agency
Industry insights
Regional perspectives Shared Documents
Stewardship tracking sheet
Spend Reports
*Real time collaboration area on documents Articles
About agency changes
New technologies
Insights Onboarding
Purchasing 101
GBBP spendpool break out
Agency Family Tree
Intranet links Members
Who is apart of Our Community Calendar
Vacation schedules
Team meetings
Regional Holidays
Important dates Our Comunity:
*Find out about each other to
create a relationship Sphere eFiles 101:
Getting Started Guide Setting Group Permissions From your PG Pulse homepage, click:
Content  Shared Documents  Site Actions  Site Permissions
To grant permissions to a group of people, click “Create Group.”
Type a name for this group.
Personalize your preferences.
In “Give Group Permissions to this Site,” choose your desired permission level for this group.
Click “Create.”  Office 2010 Restricted Setting Permissions By Default:
“Personal Documents:” Only you can see, edit, and find via search.
“Shared Documents:” Anyone within PG Pulse can view, but your documents aren’t by default “Searchable.”
You can change the defaults
to streamline your work. Setting Specific Document Permissions From your PG Pulse homepage, click Content, then hover over the document for which you’d like to adjust permissions.
Click on the arrow which appears in order to show the drop-down menu.

Click “Manage Permissions”  “Stop Inheriting Permissions” to have it stop using your default settings.
Click the box in the top left to select all boxes.

Click “Remove User Permissions”  “Grant Permissions,” and then follow the steps for “Person-by Person.” Sharing Documents From Office Program (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), click “File”
Click “Save & Send”
Click “Send a Link” Saving Documents Restricted From Office Program (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), click “File”
Click “Save As”
Click “Sharepoint Sites”
Click on the place with PG Pulse you would like to save
Type a file name, and click “Save” Mapping Yourself From PG Pulse, click “Content”
Click the “Shared Documents” link under “Libraries”

Click the Library tab under “Library Tools”

  Navigate to eSupport (esupport.pg.com)
Click “Application Center”
Click “Installed”
Search for “Office” Office 2010 Setting Individual Permissions Mapping Yourself

Click the “Connect to Office” button

Click the “Personal Documents” link and repeat steps 2 & 3
  e-Files Benefits From your PG Pulse homepage, click Content  Shared Documents  Site Actions  Site Permissions
To grant permissions person-by-person, click “Grant Permissions.”
Either click the “Browse” icon to search for people OR Type in the names of the people to whom you’d like to grant specific permissions, then click the “Check Names” icon.
If you’ve created a group, click the “Add users to a Sharepoint group” radio button.  If not, click the “Grant users permissions directly” radio button.
If you’d like to send an email to your new users, keep the “Send welcome email…” box checked.  If not, uncheck the box.
Click “OK.”
  Benefits Powerful Search Benefits Easy Saving to PG Pulse Benefits One-Stop-Shop Benefits Easy Permission Setting Benefits Co-Author Documents with Teammates Benefits Overview Collaboration Innovation:
PG Pulse with eFiles Benefits Accessible Via Apps Benefits Dynamic Org Chart Views Benefits Restricted Email Integration Benefits Easy Document Sharing CSA Central Files What Could They Replace?
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