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Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

No description

Thomas Demers

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

Presentation By: Thomas Demers
Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25
By: Richard Paul Evans
Time: Present Time
Throughout the book, Oustin and Michael go to the local 7-11 to get slurpees and play video games; this shows that the book is in present time.

Example From the Book: "How did you look up those hospital records?' 'On the internet' 'Where?' 'On my computer.' Taylor said." The fact that they have computers also supports the fact that the book is in modern time.
Place: Elgen Academy in Pasadena, CA and Idaho.
One example of place is when Taylor gets the flier for Elgen Academy it says "Pasadena, California" and that is where Michael is held captive.

Example From the Book: "Unlike you, I live in Idaho. Don't ask me what state Idaho is in-newsflash-Idaho is a state."
This shows that the book also takes place in Idaho.
Point of View: 1st Person
The perspective of this book is from either Taylor or Michael's point of view/perspective, and they use the word "I" to introduce themselves.

Example From the Book: "Sure,' I said. I couldn't believe she wanted to sit with us. She turned to Oustin, who looked like he might hyperventilate with excitement." This passage from the book just shows the author's words, and how they contain the word I. (It is written from Michael's point of view.)
Author's Purpose: Entertain
Throughout the book Michael and all the other glows use electrical powers which proves that the book is fiction, and the purpose is to entertain because no normal person can use "powers".

Example From the Book: "That's it!' he lifted his arm in front of himself and electricity arced between his fingers! 'You're gonna die!' He pointed his hands toward me, letting loose a storm of crackling blue-white electricity." This excerpt just supports what I stated earlier.
Mood: The mood is thrilling and suspicious.
Supporting factors throughout the book include many scenes where, Michael, Taylor, and the other glows fight, are forced to kill people, and are trying to break out of Elgen Academy.

Example From the Book: "Hmm' I said. 'What are the odds that all those babies started dying the day they turned on the machine and ended the exact same day they turned it off"

Main Characters: Taylor and Michael.
Taylor and Michael are the main characters because not only is the story told from their points of view, but they are the ones taken to Elgen (which is the main story-line).

Example From the Book: "Michael!' Taylor shouted. 'Stop it. He's got a temper. I've seen it!' 'You should listen to the cheerleader Vey.' This just shows Michael and Taylor conversing which proves they are the main characters.
Conflict: The Conflict is that Taylor and Michael's mom have been kidnapped by Elgen Academy, and Michael has gone after them.
One supporting satement is that Michael forces/bribes a bully to take Oustin and himself to find Elgen Academy; the other part is that Elgen is trying to take over the world!

Example From the Book:"Your mother is gone.' I looked at her blankly. 'What do you mean?' The police believe she has been kidnapped,' Miss Liss said." This just shows that Michael's mom was kidnapped to support the conflict.
Theme: I think the themes are that you shouldn't underestimate yourself, and people aren't always what they seem.
When Taylor first meets Dr. Hatch, the leader at Elgen Acadmey, she thinks he might be a good guy, but she sees that Hatch wanted to use her to murder people.

Example From the Book: "Drew put his finger in Corky's face. 'I warned you, don't mess with little Norris. The kid's got sweet moves." This just shows that Corky underestimated Michael (Little Norris.)

In the beginning, Michael and Taylor are somewhat normal people besides the fact that they have electrical powers. However when Michael's mom and Taylor, Michael's friend, are kidnapped by Dr. Hatch, the leader of Elgen Acadmeny, Michael and his friend Oustin go after them. While doing this Michael and Oustin are captured, and Michael is tortured. However Michael, Oustin, Taylor, and the other good glows force Dr. Hatch and the bad glows to leave the Pasedana, California branch of Elgen. Michael and Oustin saved Taylor, but they didn't save Michael's mom, and that is where the book ends.
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