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Guest Cycle

No description

Janeva Mathurin

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Guest Cycle

ICT Training in Hospitality Guest Cycle Departure A division of the flow of business through a hotel that identifies the physical contacts and financial exchanges between guests and hotel employees The guest chooses a hotel during the pre-arrival stage of the guest cycle. Pre- Arrival Arrival Occupancy This is the final element of guest service. Checking the guest out of the hotel and creating a guest history record. Guest Cycle

1. Identify the four stages of the guest cycle. (Cognitive)

2 Explain what happens in each stage of the cycle. (Cognitive)

3. Demonstrate the use of the system (ASI) in Arrival stage of the cycle. (Psychomotor) The Guest Cycle and Related Front Office Functions An agreement between the hotel and a guest that the hotel will hold a specific type of room for a particular date and length of stay.

The most important outcome of the reservations process is having a guestroom ready and waiting when the guest arrives Reservations If a reservation can be accepted as requested, the reservation agents creates a reservation record.

The creation of a reservation record initiates the hotel guest cycle.

This enables the hotel to personalize guest service and appropriately schedule needed staff and facilities.

By confirming reservation, the hotel verifies a guest’s room request and personal information, and assures the guests that his or her needs will be addressed. This stage includes the following activities:

a. Registration Function;

b. Rooming Function. Registration

Begins when the front desk agent extends a sincere welcome to the guest.

The procedure by which an incoming guest signifies his or her intent to stay at a property by completing and signing a registration card.

To a great degree, registration relies on the information contained in a reservation record. The center of front office activity, where the front desk is responsible for coordinating guest services.

A major front office objective throughout the guest cycle is to encourage repeat visits.

Sound guest relations are essential to this objective.

Guest relations depend on clear, constructive communications between the front office, other hotel departments and divisions, and the guest. At check-out, the guest vacates the room, receives an accurate statement of account for settlement, returns the room keys, and departs from the hotel.

Once the guest has checked out, the front office updates the room’s availability status and notifies the housekeeping department.

During the check-out, the front office determines whether the guest was satisfied with the stay and encourages the guest to return to the hotel – or another property in the chain. Presented by Janeva Mathurin
The Guest Cycle is a four stage process( Pre-Arrival, Arrival,Occupancy, Departure) the depicts the flow of guest through the hotel experience. Summary Arrival at Amazon Hotel Please log on to the webquest link to take the Pre-Test Please log on to the webquest link to take the Post-Test
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