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My Raffles Love Story...<#

No description

Marissa Fuad

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of My Raffles Love Story...<#

First time we met...
frame 3

Established since 1990
34 colleges in 31 cities!
8 service lines
Porter's 5 Forces of love
Threat of substitutes
Substitutes: Lasalle, NAFA
"Global education"
Bargaining power of buyers
Buyers => Students
Small target market
Sensitive to them
Regulation on private institution
Education Trust licenses
Evaluates the performance based on quality

Economic Factor
Shuting's diary

High regulation cost
limited No. of suppliers
Credibility attracts more foreign students
1) Provides global experience
2) Well established international
network and brand name
1) Weaker local branding
2) Poorly designed website
Purchasing power
1) Growing local market
2) Increasing need for paper
1) International competition
2) Sensitive to changes in
interest rates and economic
grow in fashion industry
Bargaining power of Suppliers (High)
Government - council of private education
Licenses to operate (EduTrust)

Threat of new entrants
How does Raffles Segment their Customers?
Gen X
Gen Y
Distance Learning
Marketing Mix (4Ps)
Media Coverage
Experienced the post-war poverty
prefer disciplines
Earn stable income
press and fashion magazines
greater brand recognition while maintaining exclusivity and prestige
improve local branding
gain competitive edge internationally
grow market share
Growing up in the economic boom period
seek rewarding careers based interest
Passion,not only just practicality.
High barriers to entry

demand for private education rise
Market Segmentation

Marketing Mix
SWOT Analysis
- Building on Strength: Established
International Network

- Theory of "Buyer Choice Under Uncertainty"
Distance Learning
Product: Online distance learning

Price: Penetrative Pricing

Promotion: Digital advertising, direct selling (school talks)

Place: Online

Market Saturation
LR: Likely to become lower as market growth rate increases
Extent of competition
And they lived happily ever after
Back at home...
High barriers to entry
Tight Regulation
Strong Players
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