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Sports development in practice

No description

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Sports development in practice

P5 -Describe two different sports development initiatives

M4 - Compare and contrast two different sports development initiatives, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

D2 - Analyse two different sports development initiatives, offering realistic recommendations for improvement.
London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Lasting legacy)
Awards for All
Big Lottery
Private sector programmes
Local Programmes
London 2012 olympic games and paralympic games
This encouraged many schemes, which set about to find talent and ensure that coaching, fiance and facilities were in place

Buck sport - created to identify talent in Buckinghamshire athletes in the run up to 2012
Five london boroughs joined together to provide 10 year £70 million fund a bid to support business and sport in the area, which would secure employment and opportunities for local people

The olympic legacy 2012 ? (London 2012 website)
Awards for All
Funding scheme for many things including sports development
Supported by the Arts Council of England, the big lottery fund, the heritage lottery fund and Sport England
Awards grants from £300 to £10,000 for people to take part in art, sport, heritage and community activities and projects
Sport related support may be given for
improved rural and urban environments which communities are better able to access and enjoy
healthier and more active people and communiitites

The Big Lottery Fund
Every year Big gives out millions of pound to projects that improve community, health, education and the environment

The commonwealth games in Glasgow have received around £6 million of funding to create a lasting legacy, and to increase the number of people participating in sport, along with an increase in volunteers.

The Big Lottery fund has now teamed up with the secret millionaire fund to further enhance communities

private sector programmes
Focus more on regeneration and facility building due to investment profit
These were the driving force of London 2012
Private sector involvement usually results in increased jobs and training, improving local skills in coaching, volunteering and sports administration
Lots of knock on jobs created due to souvenir shops, food shops, training, IT or general supply services to sports businesses.
Sports development in practice
Task five
Local Programmes
These are schemes and initiative linked to local community plans. These are of strategic importance to local councils
Local sports development providers
will work throughout the borough to create targeted and sports specific programmes
National governing bodies
These may provide sports development to individuals who are talented, or may provide umpiring and refereeing courses
Voluntary clubs
These are supported by many agencies and funding bodies to help them develop and become sustainable

Examples include local councils assisting in identifying funding for schemes in voluntary sector sports clubs, parish councils and village halls, and district councils offering financial assistance to support communities in providing facilities, equipment and services for sports and recreation.

Many councils work with a wide range of organisations to create sports related strategies. These organisations include the youth offending team, sure start, connexions, the primary care trust and healthy living centers.
Sports development schemes are usually at the heart of this as the deliverers and co-ordinators.

Areas of work
Target groups - Specific groups pf people who will benefit most from an initiative

Sport specific - Individual sports that would benefit from a boost

Location - the closer this is to the target group the more successful the scheme will be. This has to take in to account the facilities within the location
Effectiveness and efficiency
A scheme or initiative must highlight that they give value for money and make good use of resources.

They must also be efficient, due the recession.

Accounting for all expenditure and showing real benefit for the participants is essential for sports development officers.

Officers must be skilled at writing funding bids as this underpins initiatives
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