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Entrepreneurship Presentation

No description

Willam Khoo

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Entrepreneurship Presentation

Financial Projection
-give customer the best service with providing high quality
portraits and good customer service along with a reasonable price.
-want to capture the personality of the pet in the portrait we produce.
-is committed to provide each and everyone of our client with satisfaction and value through unfailing high quality results.
-to give our client the best service by providing a premium service with a reasonable price. Pro Forma Balance Sheet In order to prevent the occurrence of the red-eye effect or frightening the pets, we use natural light.
We will capture the sharpness of the pet’s eyes creating a lively portrait.
Ensuring the pet to feel comfortable.
By using Macro techniques, filling the portrait with the fur of the pet in detail, producing a warm feeling in the portrait.
Plan the photographic session during time when pet is healthy and energetic.
Have patience, as a beautiful piece of art will require the dedication of time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to capture the beautiful side of the pet.
Be experimental. Our photographer will be always experimenting with various approaches, compositions or angles in order to provide a beautiful portrait of the pet. Processes Using internet platform, such as Google Plus, Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogspot
Print out brochures and place them in pets grooming academy, pets grooming salon, pet show event, and veterinary clinics
Advertise our brand through mass media such as radio and newspaper Promotion Package 1 (Professional Studio Session) RM338
Designed for one Pet
Shutting Duration: 1 hour standby time, 1 hour shooting
Over 55 images taken
10 pieces soft copies given
10 pieces 4R prints given

Package 2 (Outdoor Portrait Session) RM388
Designed for one Pet
Shutting Duration: 1 hour standby time, 1 hour shooting
Over 55 images taken
10 pieces softcopies given
10 pieces 4R prints given

Package Combo (Professional Studio Session & Outdoor Portrait Session) RM500
Designed for one Pet
Shutting Duration: 1 hour Formal Studio Portrait, 2 hour shooting Location Portrait Session
Over 60 images taken
15 pieces soft copies given
10 pieces 4R prints given Price DesaPark City, Kuala Lumpur
six hundred and fifty square foot Studio
ground floor will be used for our portrait gallery
freedom to choose their photography setting( outdoor or Studio) Place i) Professional Studio Session
signature products
well equipped
free from disturbance
Customer could check on the digital images ON THE SPOT
ii) Location Portrait Session
bring few of the equipment outdoor
Customer could NOT check on the digital images ON THE SPOT
iii) Seasonal Photographing Session
Valentine’s day, Christmas day, Chinese New year
pets to dress up in festive costumes
twelve snapshot-quality portrait with the pet dressing Product Demographic segmentation
age group – 25 to 40 years old
Geographic segmentation
Kuala Lumpur area
Kepong, Damansara, Mont Kiara
Psychographics segmentation
white collar professional
buying behaviour Market segmentation
-always create high quality and excellent portrait

-be recognized throughout every corner in Malaysia

-provide an excellent customer service -designed to provide premium photography service to local pet lovers with reasonable pricing.

-5 founders (Willam Khoo, Paul Kwoon, Joyi Ong, Syna Lam and Eugene Teng)

-aspire to produce sales and expand its client base becoming the first major pet photography service provider in town.

-plan to grow in a larger business within the next three and five years. Introduction EPF and SOCSO level remains the same for the next 3 years.
Rental remains the same for the next 3 years.
Equipment, furniture and fixtures depreciation are calculated based on straight-line method which is 10%.
Cash sales are expected to increase 10% for every year. Assumption Sheet Pro forma Cash flow Statement ( Annually ) Balance of the capital= RM 225000 – RM 174300
= RM 50700 ( running of cash flow) Total Capital middle- to upper-middle class
families, couples, individuals, or private organizations/ businesses.
most able to afford high-quality studio portraits of their pets. Target market Pet adoption - popular trend
In Malaysia, pet photography is not popular
Not much pet photography studio exist
Pet owners to realise the importance to include their pet in the family portrait
Glam Pet Photography will reach this audience by targeting clients of these existing markets
The breakdown for the market for pet photography is somewhat diverse, as are the products designed to meet those needs Market analysis summary = RM 174300 Capital needed Competitor analysis GLAM PET PHOTOGRAPHY Mission Goal and Objectives THANK YOU GLAM PET PHOTOGRAPHY -Supplier concentration is high, as there are high numbers
of photographic suppliers available. E.g. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and more.

-Threat of forward integration of supplier is unlikely, as pet photography is a niche market. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
There are 3 sources of competitors

-Standard portrait studio do not focus on pet photography, they provide it as an additional service
-Other exclusive pet photographers are relatively few, as it is still a new business in Malaysia.
-Amateur photographers deliver product with lower quality

There is a degree of difference in the product and service provided between these 3 categories. Rivalry Among Existing Firms -Digital camera is everywhere nowadays. People who seek to save cost can simply take the photo of their pets by themselves

-There is a wide range of advance photo editing softwares
available, which allowed average people to produce beautiful photos Threat of Substitutes The threat of new entrant is high.
- It is easy to enter to the pet photography industry because of the low start-up costs and the little rules and regulations from the government
- After the wide adoption of digital photography, capital requirement has decreased significantly. Threat of New Entrants The bargaining power of buyers is low.

-Pet photography services are less likely to be price sensitive because the consumer is buying a luxury experience.

-As pet photography is still a relatively new business in Malaysia, it is difficult to find a company that provides high quality service and product. Therefore, buyers do not have many choices. Bargaining Power of Buyers
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