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Solar Panels for electricity

PBL project on finding how to use solar panels to make electricity.

Nicci Drumwright

on 23 July 2010

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Transcript of Solar Panels for electricity

How much electrical energy can be generated using solar panels? Assessment
Write a narrative paper using data and your personal experience with the two PBL projects. Include which power source, hydro or solar, produces more electricity and would be the most economic, efficient, and reliable source of energy for future use? Electricty books
State Standards
•6th Grade: 6.1.1; 6.1.2; 6.1.3; 6.1.4; 6.1.5; 6.1.8; 6.1.9; 6.2.1; 6.2.2;6.2.4; 6.2.5; 6.2.6; 6.2.8; 6.2.23; 6.3.8; 6.3.9; 6.3.13; 6.3.17;
•7th Grade: 7.1.1; 7.1.2; 7.1.3; 7.1.4; 7.1.5; 7.1.6; 7.1.7; 7.1.8; 7.1.9; 7.1.10; 7.2.6; 7.2.8; 7.3.15; 7.3.16; 7.4.14; 7.5.3; 7.5.5; 7.7.1; 7.7.2; 7.7.3; 7.7.4;
Time Line
Two weeks
Students will experiment with solar kits, snaptricity kit and substainable earth lab kit. They will follow the PBL outline for the first four days. They will perform their experiment.
Students will spend two days on the experiment and collect data and graph. Other group will then do the experiment and collect data. Each group will write up lab report for each experiment. Write paper and turn in on Friday.

Rubric for persuasive essay and lab report. Student groups will develop an experiment and
collect data. Students will switch experiment and
collect data on another groups experiment. The original
goup will analyze both sets of data to use to support their letter. http://www.pserie.psu.edu/academic/science/degrees/biology/energyfieldtrips/solarIndex.htm
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