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Learning American Sign Language

No description

Drew McCabe

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Learning American Sign Language

Learning American Sign Language
By Ava and Tyler
What is Sign Language?
Sign language is what people who are hard of hearing use to communicate.
Use of facial expressions and hand motions instead of verbal communication.
Some people who are deaf can't talk as well as the hearing population.
The auditory and speech tracts in the brain are connected, so if one is defective the other won't work properly.
There are around 300 different sign languages around the world.
In Sri Lanka and Tanzania some neighboring deaf schools could have different sign languages known only by the students.
In Africa there are 25 different sign languages and only 27 African Nations.
Why we chose to learn Sign Language
We wanted to learn another language and sign language seemed very fun and not too difficult to learn in a short period of time.
If we wanted to become interpreters when we grow up this would start us on our way.
We each already knew some sign language and realized its a great way to communicate discreetly without your teacher knowing.
its also good to know if you meet a deaf person.
This is the link to our mock version of what we would look like as interpreters.
How we went about learning Sign Language
Sit back, relax, and let us do the talking.
How Was Sign Language invented
First signs used by neanderthals gesturing with movements.
1620 the first book with the manual alphabet system was published, written by Juan Pablo de Bonet.
Abbe Charles Michel de L'Epee established the free public school for the deaf in 1771 (Paris).
L'Epee taught basic hand signs that he created. So naturally people think that he solely invented Sign Language. But he like Bonet only created a system not the language. His System then became the French sign language.
People came from all over the country to go to his school.
First american school for the deaf was established in 1817 by Laurent Clerc.
Onomatopoeia Signs
Now it's time......
For something extraordinarily fun!
Easy Useful Signs:

1.) Please
2.) Thank you
3.) Hell
Easy Useful Signs:

1.) Thank you
2.) Please
3.) Hello
4.) How are you?
5.) Sorry
6.) Nice to meet you
7.) My name is...
8.) Love
9.) Beautiful
10.) I know/I don't know
11.) Yes/No
12.) Sign (Sign Language)
13.) Help
14.) Bathroom

Those are the top signs that we think are the most important to know!

Can we sign that sentence?!?!?!
Can we sign that sentence?!?!
Abbe Charles Michel de L'Epee
Juan Pablo de Bonet
Laurent Clerc
Our presentation is over:(
Famous Deaf Americans
Shoshannah Stern:
Shoshannah first language is Sign language, she can speak and read lips. She attended California school for the deaf and has done theater, television and film.
She is most well known from her part in the television show weeds, the movie Threat Matrix, The Hammer, and Adventures of Power.
Joseph Henry Sharpe

Joseph was born in 1859 and went deaf at the age of twelve when he almost drowned in a river.
After losing his hearing Joseph wanted to pursue his dream and become an Artist.
Living on the battle field of Little Big Horn he painted pictures of the plains indians.
He was one of the founding members of the Taos Society of Artists.
In 1900 the Smithsonian purchased 11 of his paintings that showcased the indians.

Basic signing vocab flash cards (set b& c)
Signing for kids by Mickey Flodin
food signs by Early sign language
signing illustrated by Mickey Flodin
google images
Signing at school by beguining sign language series
Katie dunning
Mrs. Barrett
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