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Stock Market Challenge

No description

Roland Fanega

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Stock Market Challenge

Stock Market Challenge By: Roland Fanega
Personal Finance
3rd Block The Walt Company
(DIS) Networks Inc. Corporation Select Multimedia Portfolio
(FBMPX) Conclusion Company Thank You Founded by Bill Gates in 1975, and opened in the market goes public in 1986
Launches Xbox in 2001
Launches Bing in 2009 Low expenses, high return fund.
Ranked #1 out of 44 fidelity funds in its first year.
Fund inception: June 30, 1986. DIS: # of shares: 40
$ spent: $2,273.60
Total Amount Sold: $2,332.00 (+$58.40)

AMCX: # of shares: 35
$ spent: $2,192.05
Total Amount Sold: $2,221.10 (+$29.05)

MSFT: # of shares: 35
$ spent: $997.60
Total Amount Sold: $998.20 (+$0.70)

K: # of shares: 40
$ spent: $2,552.00
Total Amount Sold: $2,543.60 (-$8.40)

FBMPX: # of shares: 30
$ spent: $1,960.80
Total Amount Sold: $1,956.30 (-$4.50)

Total Amount Sold (Portfolio): $10,051.20

Total Profit: $75.25 By: Roland Fanega In 1969, The Apollo 11 astronauts (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins) had Kellogg's for breakfast in their voyage to the be the first men on the moon.
The first box of Kellogg's was made entirely out of recycled materials, and that production process still lives on today.
Kellogg's was the first to print Nutrition Facts on their products. (AMCX) (MSFT) (K) Disney films have been nominated for more than 200 Oscars to date.
You can find "Hidden Mickey" in all of Disney Production, from films to their very own parks
Walt Disney built his very own apartment in California's Disneyland. Employees would know his presence if the light in the apartment is on. News: Walt Disney Company shuts down LucasArts Videogame Studio and shares plunge. # of shares: 40
Total value: $2273.6 Producing programs and movies for over 30 years
Operates most popular and award winning cable networks such as AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel, etc.
AMC remains the only cable network to win an Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series four years in a row. In addition, Three consecutive Golden Globes for Best Television Series - Drama News: Television series "The Walking Dead" led an increase in revenue for AMCX of 13.9% to 1.3 Billion. With a "B". # of shares: 35
Total value: $2192.05 News: Production line expand as new and upcoming Xbox could be the Ultimate Smart TV # of shares: 35
Total Value: $997.5 Kellogg's CEO John Bryant's salary increased by 7.7% in 2012 # of shares: 40
Total value: $2552.00 The highest price of FBMPX in 2013, is dated back earlier this month of April: April 2nd at $65.56 # of shares: 30
Total value: $1,960.8
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