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Air Pollution in LA

Karina V.

Karina Villagrana

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Air Pollution in LA

The Issue
Our Website
How we spread awareness?
To spread awareness we went on various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and daily we posted images and videos that related to our topic. These social media sites helped spread awareness for our cause. Social Media was a useful tool for our cause because these social media sites had other organizations that also support our same cause.
Air Pollution in Los Angeles
How does Air Pollution affect our Health?
Air Pollution is currently affecting our local communities that are located inside the LA County. We are in the point where it's harmful for people to be living in. Despite some improvements the LA county has done over the years there is still an air pollution problem.
Given the issue with air pollution, we think it would be best is conserving energy, reducing the use of vehicles and instead use public transportation. In other words, there are many other solutions that can help reduce the high levels of emissions.
According to the US EPA, "Air Pollution and Your Health",
it stated

"Asthma sufferers can be severely affected by air pollution. Air pollution can also aggravate health problems for the elderly and others with heart or respiratory diseases.

Some toxic chemicals released in the air can cause cancer, birth defects, long term injury to the lungs, as well as brain and nerve damage. And in some cases, breathing these chemicals can even cause death" (EPA).
How does Air Pollution affect our Environment
Hazardous pollutants affect the environment for both aquatic and wild life. Acid Rain forms from Air Pollution which ruins trees, crops and bodies of water.
Our Website's Trends
According to Tony Barboza from Los Angeles Times "L.A, Central Valley have worst air quality, American Lung Says"
It states "The annual air pollution rankings, being released by the American Lung Assn., were dominated by the Los Angeles Basin and California's Central Valley, which despite vast improvements over the last few decades still have the nation's highest levels of ozone and fine particle pollution" (Barboza).
The website's purpose was to send out our message through the internet. It also allowed people to share out their opinions on Air Pollution. Our website included discussions about our issue and the posts related to our cause. By sending out our message on our cause this helped others to realize the dangers that it's causing.
Some trends we saw in our data were...
Examples of Protest Art
Shepard Fairey
These images are art as a protest because each deal with the issue of air pollution and also provokes the thought of a change needed.
¿Dónde Jugarán Los Niños? - Maná
The song is called "Where will the children play?" by Mana. This song relates to our cause because pollution in general is destructing the earth for later generations and how the earth is starting to be unhealthy for people to be living in.
Los Angeles Air Pollution
In the Future..
As a group, we will still keep up with our cause and the social media sites because this cause is important for us. Especially, it's currently occurring in our communities inside the Los Angeles County. We hope that there will be a change in reducing the use of emissions. Our goal is to go around cities and inform them about this issue and start first with our local communities then spread out to Los Angeles.
"L.A. leads nation with worst air quality, American Lung Assn. says"
As a group, what we learned was how Social Media in general can help spread your message across and how it helped our cause to be shown in many social media sites. Also, art can also inspire change or even spark protest. Intersession taught us how change can influence society. As for our cause, we felt that it is important to know what’s going on with our air quality and how it isn’t safe.
A study was shown that Air Pollution from LAX affects residents up to 10 Miles Away. Airplane exhaust was tested main contributor to LA's Air Pollution.
Study: Air Pollution From LAX Affects Residents Up To 10 Miles Away

The statistic shows how over the years the emissions that are released to the atmosphere has been increasing overtime in Los Angeles.
Our Art
1) When we first started, the amount of views were 31, but later it increased by posting on twitter. We then decided to post more and start networking with other organizations that related to our cause it raised over 200 more views.

2) It was recorded that our website's highest amount of views was on January 29th with 243 views. This happened because we followed our plan on social media.

3) Another way our viewership went up was when we asked our audience to visit our website. This also helped us increase our viewership.
Twitter Analysis
When using Twitter, we developed many hastags, tweets and retweeting other social media sites. This allowed our message spread out through Twitter and other media sites. Our most popular hastag we created was #stopdamagingourearth which was made from 3 tweets our account tweeted. It reached 62 people with 85 impressions.
Air Pollution is both a local and global problem that everyone should be aware of the dangers that it can lead. This type of contamination is unsafe for people, our environment, and our future. We feel that everyone has the right for a cleaner and safer environment. Los Angeles is surrounded by areas that contribute to pollution such as the airport, factories, and freeways.

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