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The Magic Chalk

END1D7-03 Short Story Group Seminar

Tianah G

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The Magic Chalk

By: Kobo Abe Argon finds a stick in his pocket Argon starts feeling hungry Argon starts to scribble on the
wall The Magic Chalk Done by: Tianah, Tash-had, Chhavi Argon's work comes to life Argon gains a sigh of relief Argon begins to feel all sleepy Argon has a nightmare Argon depression has returned the next day Argon peeks out to his lonely neighbourhood Argon leans back after lunch to think Argon tries his works again after sunset Argon has made a success Argon thinks about drawing money Argon covers the windows and doors up Argon thinks of starting a new world Argon fills his room, making it feel more like a home Argon imagines the creation of a new world Argon glances into a newspaper Argon and Ms. Nippon get into arguments Argon begins to feel more depressed Ms. Nippon asks for a piece of the chalk Ms. Nippon scribbles on the walls Argon death arrives Argon becomes a drawing on the wall Plot Diagram Argon discovers the right moments to express his drawings Conflict: This
story is character vs. self conflict
because it shows Argon losing a hold of himself over the chalk. "My fate has changed, the chalk is as precious as life" . Argon looked at how good the chalk was for him. But never seemed to see the impacts it was making on his life. He became all dependent on the chalk. 1- Material wealth doesn't guarantee happiness.
2- With great power, comes great responsibility. Introduction: Argon is a poor artist trying to get by in his 9ft square house. The inciting action is when Argon realizes that the chalk is magical and brings his drawings to life. He is surprised and doesn’t know where to start! Although, this is the problem because although powers that grant you anything can seem like a great luxury, it can actually make a big impact on your life. Which relates back to our main theme. Without the magic chalk, there would be no story, which is why it is our inciting action. Rising Action: The rising action is when Argon finds out that the drawings only come to life when there is darkness, and the magically obtained objects disappear when exposed to light. This is our rising action because it creates a series of complications for Argon and makes stakes arise. This is why he went out and bought blankets to create darkness, which lead to a door of darkness which leads to the main part- of him wanting to re-create the world. This also arises many other complications including the conflicts with Miss.Nippon and the door. Which makes another part of the rising action when Argon brings her her to life. When Argon brings Miss.Nippon to life, it creates a bunch of other problems and complications in the story. Those wouldn’t have arisen if he wasn’t trying to stick with his crazy idea, and stay in darkness. Miss Nippon ends up being mad and doesn't believe Argons story which creates more conflicts which eventually lead to a tragic end. Climax: The climax is basically asking if this will make a big impact on Argons life. This is because, the main conflict throughout this whole story is that Argon isn’t realizing about the problems being arisen in his life due to a chalk he just found in his pocket. He doesn’t understand that he is becoming fully dependent on it and that it’s leading to worse things even though it seems like he struck gold. This is also where he gets into a fight with Miss.Nippon. Why? Because of him trying to make huge decisions with the power of the chalk. Argon wasn’t ready to handle that type of power. It is also where the tension reaches its final stage because due to the chalk, he made all these new decisions, and decided to re-create the world with it, which eventually messes him up in the long run. The climax is basically the fact that the chalk is taking over Argons life. Falling Action: Miss.Nippon decides Argon is crazy and kills Argon when he wouldn’t let her leave. This is the falling action because this is when the conflict that Argon is trying too much for something he shouldn’t be worrying about – is revealed. Miss.Nippon finds out that Argon is trying to re-create the world and she puts her foot down. The outcome is Argon being dead and just a drawing on the wall. By the end, the chalk did end up greatly impacting Argons life. It put him in charge of something he wasn’t ready for nor was he prepared for. He was living a normal life but just a poor one. But when he got magic that granted him anything, he couldn’t handle it and that’s why it ended with him dying. Resolution: Argon dies, leaving behind all his worries and thoughts. This leaves behind his life, creations and ideas. Themes: One of the themes were “With great power comes great responsibility” because Argon was a poor kid and any poor person would dream for what Argon got. But he wasn’t able to handle the great powers of the magic chalk and did not use it responsibly. He used it for his own ideas without taking into account others. An example of this is when he tried to force Miss.Nippon to stay with him and be Eve. Another theme was “Material wealth doesn’t guarantee happiness” because Argon had literally anything he wanted in his fingertips, but he still wasn’t happy. He lived and died unhappy. The chalk may have satisfied him for a few days, but from there it was downhill. Argon did not realize that really he was falling into a trap which he was overlooking. He thought of all the luxuries and his new ideas, but by the end, the trap took over him. Just like quicksand.
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