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Exoskeleton - 3-week course

No description

Jakob Welner

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Exoskeleton - 3-week course

Exoskeleton Arm
Project Overview
The idea:
- Controlling
- Being controlled
- Comfortable and trustworthy
- Don't demand unnecessary thoughts
Applied to humans
Proposing an idea
- Doesn't need to be strong
- Doesn't need high precision
- Doesn't need speed
- Doesn't need extreme positions
- Doesn't need wide range of motion

- Needs comfort
- Needs to be affordable
- Needs to be handy
- Needs to maintain mobility
Balloons wanna be straight
Deflated balloons are soft and flexible
When inflated they stretch out

Using rubber tubing inside a net-tube with rigid max-diameter, inflating the rubber tube will push for maximum volume, which is straight.

Make a spandex shirt with tubes sewn in pointing in different directions.
- Flexible when unused
- Cheap to produce
- Few complex parts
Control - Electronic
Touch sensors
Current systems:
- clunky
- rigid
- precise
- heavy
- expensive
- strong
- What is known already
- What is the feedback on current systems
- What are their strengths and limitations
- Which compromises have been made
Case at hand
- Speak with patient
- Speak with physician
- Make issue tangible
- Make solution tangible
Exoskeleton, Case 1: Kathleen
- Torn Rotator Cuff, cannot raise her arm by her self.
- 90 years old and her physician has given up on surgery.
Combining interests
- Mechanics
- Electronics
- Medicin
- Design
- Technology
- Imagination
- Fun
DTU fagproject and 3-week course
Immediate Thoughts
Define the basis
What can we do
- What can be improved
- Do we follow or lead
- What is ideal
- What is probable
- List features
- Brainstorm
Think and be open to everything!
User Interaction
Intuitive and joyful to use!
- EMG impulses
- EEG systems
- ...
- Buttons
- Capacitive sensor
- ...
Sensor network
- Redundant signals
- Combinatoric system
- Complex input - complex output
I don't know what I'm talking about here
Soft Robotics: Inflatable tubes
A shirt
Potential issues
- Not strong enough

-Hydraulic closed system
-Pressure source: Actuated pistons, discreet or combined
A detached thought
Ground coffeebeans under vacuum
- Get's rigid under vacuum
- Softens up when air is provided again
Used for temporary support mechanism.
Potentially elbow:
- Construct hollow elbow support binding
- Add layer of ground coffee inside.
- Control by electrodes, initiate on triceps && biceps
--> Temporary support
by: Jakob Welner, s124305
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