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No description

vina xiong

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Music

-Music affect teens
-Music helps patients with Alzheimers
-Music helps people to express themselves

Singing & Making Music
"Music speaks out a quiet mind."
Special Thanks
My Mentor:
Yayao Xiong
My Cousin:
Connie Xiong
My BestFriend:
Toutou Vang

Senior Finale:
Ms. Rancone
My Highs & Lows
-Having my cousin's help
- Choosing the songs I like
- Use no money
- Trying to fit in my mentors schedules
-Finding a studio
- Work
Personal Growth
- Controlling my vocals & my voice
- Harmonizing well with others
What would I do differently
I would go to a more professional studio to record my songs.

Manage my time more wisely
Prior Knowledge
Controlling vocals
Work Cited
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I used this website to describe on how music can make and impact on us.

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I used this website to describe how music can be calming.

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For this website I used this website to talk about how music can generates emotion in us.

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