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While the World Watched

No description

Terrell Green

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of While the World Watched

Chapter 13
pages: 159-169
By: Styles Overby and Alejandre Yancey What this Chapter is about The Definitions of this Chapter Summery Martin Luther King Jr's
"Where do we go from here" speech This chapter is about when Carolyn is in college Epitome- a person or thing that is typical or possesses to a high degree Caroyln is thinking back, remembering what happen before she went to college. She is thinking about the dreadful day of the bombing and her friends being killed during the explosion. Thanks for watching While the World Watched She thinks about what happen in the past and a Klan member killed Medgar Evers, a Black Civil Right Leader This chapter mostly focuses on Carolyn in college and her past Midst- The position of anything surrounded by other things or parts Seldom- on only a few occasions Entombed- to place in a tomb, bury Omission- something left out
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