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Lilli Standen

No description

Lilli Standen

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Lilli Standen

What is the one child policy?
The one-child policy was a policy introduced in china between 1978 and 1980. With this policy it only allows each family to only have 1 child but if you lived in the countryside you might be allowed a second child. Now there is no such thing as the one child policy because the government has concerns that china is going to get old before it gets rich so the government is encouraging people to get pregnant.

What are abortions?
A abortion is when a pregnancy is ended so that it doesn't result in the birth of a child. Sometimes it is called 'termination of pregnancy'. If an abortion happens spontaneously before 24 weeks of pregnancy, it is called a miscarriage.
why was the policy made?
The one child policy was made to decrease China's fast growing population.
Child Studies Genius Hour

Discipline- When we were children there was many rules which we had to follow. If our parents told us to do something we had to obey them and defiantly no back chatting.

Cultural customs and traditions- All birthdays and Christmas was celebrated as a family.

Welcoming of visitors or strangers- They were always welcome in our household and are always respected.

Teaching respect, manners & courtesy- I got taught to always treat people how you would like to be treated with respect it was just common courtesy. In my home we always used our manners.

Arrival of new family members- Were always a great family celebration to us.

Sharing foods- what is mine is yours we share as a family

Treatment of elders- Treat your elders with very high respect as they are the most wise and we look up to them.

Hugging and affection- Loving and caring for each other is very important as a family.

Why do the family's have abortions to female babies?
Most families in china have abortions to female babies because sons are preferred more so that they can carry out farm work, provide financial support for aging.

By: Lilli Standen
what is the one child policy?
what are abortions?
why do family's have abortions to female babies?
Todd Standen

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