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Hassan and Saturday School

No description

Zaineb Latif

on 14 May 2017

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Transcript of Hassan and Saturday School

My name is Hassan
I like playing football, pizza, hanging out with my buds, but...
I love playing computer games!
I don't like cheese, doing chores, and doing homework. But...
I HATE my Saturday being taken away from me!
I have to wake up every Saturday at 9.00am to get ready for Saturday school.
wake up!
I spend the whole day imagining what I would be doing if I wasn't at school.
I tried many things to get out of it.
I faked sickness...
I even volunteered to clean the whole house and do the laundry if I missed Saturday school.
I explained that I had to miss Saturday school, as exams were coming soon and I had to study.
are those your dad's glasses?
My parents and I had different ideas about Saturday School...
I'm not going!
After many weeks of dedication, and hard work...
at nagging, whining, and being very annoying...
I won!
we're so tired
That night I was so happy knowing that I wouldn't be going to school the next day. Saturday was mine again!!!
I saw Imam Al Mahdi that night.
He was picking people to help him to spread good in the world.
I recognized a few kids from Saturday School.
A cloud with angels came and took them up in the sky and far away.
Wait for me!
It's too late for me...
Save yourselves!
Great idea, you can clean after school!
Why didn't you choose me Oh great Imam?
I love you so much!
I love you too Hassan
But I need those who have special powers to do the work well for me
like what?!
When people wake up early on a weekend leaving a good sleep they have the Power of Perseverance.
When people donate their time to learn, they have the Power of Knowledge. They can do no wrong!
I need people with plenty of good knowledge to be useful for me because they will make the right decisions.
I need people who can stick with the tough work and never quit when it gets too hard / boring.
When people use their knowledge to help others around them, they have the Power of Kindness and Caring.
I need people who love to help others. That is what my struggle is all about. And they will be the pioneers of it.
I am sorry Hassan, but you dont want to have any of these powers, how can I choose you?
Give me another chance!
It's Saturday!
Baba, Mama!
Let's go to school!
is this a
I had some big plans on how to spend the next day
If only I had time to master my cool games!
...and that is why I LOVE Saturday school!
I had a dream...
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