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Leadership Awards

No description

Eliza Zimmerman

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Awards

Girl Scout Leadership Awards Cookie Activity Pin A different Color each year (2012 was Orange). Five steps to earning this pin called the five cookie business skills. Goal Setting
Decision Making
Money Management
People Skills
Business Ethics My Promise, My Faith Pins 5 Steps to earning this award: 1. Choose a line from the Girl Scout Law.
2. Interview a woman in your own or another faith community.
3. Gather three inspirational quotes by women that fit with that line of
the GS Law.
4. Make something to remind you of what you have learned.
5. Make a commitment to live what you've learned. Safety Award 5 Steps to earning this award. Steps are different in each age level. All Ages levels (including Daisy) can earn this award. Bridging Awards Bridge to Brownie
Bridge to Junior
Bridge to Cadette
Bridge to Senior
Bridge to Ambassador
Bridge to Adult Two Steps to Earning these Awards: Pass It On!
Look Ahead! Journey Summit Pin One for each Age Level. Requirement: Earn all three Journeys for that grade level. Global Action Award World Thinking Day Award Requirements at:
girlscouts.org/global_action_award. Requirements at:
girlscouts.org/world_thinking_day Bronze Cross Lifesaving Awards Earned for saving a life without risk to self. Earned for saving a life with risk to self. Medal of Honor Awards for ALL Ages Cookie Activity Pin
My Promise, My Faith
Safety Award
Bridging Awards
Journey Summit Pin
World Thinking Day/Global Action Award
Medal of Honor/Bronze Cross Leadership Awards for Older Girls Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Community Service Bars
Silver, Silver and Gold, Gold Torches
LiA (Leader in Action)
Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards Community Service Bars Choose an organization.
Get council approval
Get trained
Do at least 20 hours of service Service to Girl Scouting Bar Volunteer at least 20 hours to the Girl Scout Organization.

Examples: helping a younger troop, helping at a community or council event, help with office work at the council. Torch Awards Complete one Leadership Journey.

Serve one full term in a leadership position.

Examples: Student Government, Chair of a church committee, yearbook editor, event planning board for the Girl Scout council. LiA (Leader in Action) Awards One for each Journey Series (IYWCI, IYPLI, IYSTI). Only for Cadette Grade Level. Earn by assisting a Brownie group with their Journey. Requirements are found in the Brownie Journey Adult Guides. Mentoring Awards Junior Aide
Program Aide
Counselor in Training
Volunteer in Training Junior Aide Get Ready: Talk to your troop leader.
Get Set: Talk to a younger troop leader.
Go!: Meet with the younger girls. Program Aide (PA) 1. Earn an LiA Award.
2. Take Council PA Core Training (PACT).
3. Take Council PA Speciality Training (PAST).
4. Work with younger girls for 6 activity
sessions. Counselor in Training (CIT) For Girl Scout Cadettes. For Seniors and Ambassadors. 1. Attend a CIT Leadership Course.
2. Work with younger girls over the course of a camp session.
3. (For CIT II) While working with girls focus on increasing your
skill in one area (arts, lifeguarding, etc.) Volunteer in Training (VIT) For Seniors and Ambassador that have completed 9th grade. 1. Find a mentor.
2. Complete VIT Training class.
3. Create and implement program based on
Journeys or badges over four or more
sessions. Bronze Award 1. Go on a Girl Scout Journey.
2. Build your Girl Scout Junior Team.
3. Explore your community.
4. Choose your project.
5. Make a plan.
6. Put your plan into motion.
7. Spread the word. Silver Award 1. Go on a Cadette Journey.
2. Identify issues that you care about.
3. Build your team or go solo.
4. Explore your community.
5. Pick your Take Action project.
6. Develop your project.
7. Make a plan and put it into motion.
8. Reflect, share your story, and celebrate. Gold Award Prerequisite: Either two Senior/Ambassador Journeys or the Silver Award and one Senior/Ambassador Journey. 1. Choose an issue.
2. Investigate.
3. Get help.
4. Create a plan.
5. Present your plan and get feedback.
6. Take action.
7. Educate and inspire. * Girls MUST attend a Gold Award Training class prior to getting their project approved.
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