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Shining Path Terrorism

Shining Path also known as Sendeo Lunesto is a small terror grup that usualy goes after peruvian institutions

Matthew Serna

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Shining Path Terrorism

Shining Path (Sendreo Luminoso) Established in late 1960's Up to 500 members Active in Peru Narcotrafficing to recieve funding Tupac Amaru Revolution Movement (MRTA) declared enemy Bombings, Assinations and Village Raids Reason for militant acts: Militant Maoist Doctrine Responsible for 2002 bobmbing near U.S. embassy Leaders: Abinamel Guzman & Comrade Artemio Shining Path loves publicity Threat to the U.S. National Security is a 3 by Matt S. & Dom A. Their main goal is to turn remaining peruvian istitutions into comunists
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