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McDonald's Company

No description

Ula Klimczyk

on 15 January 2017

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Transcript of McDonald's Company

McDonald's Company
In 1940 Dick and Mac McDonald opend Bar-B-Q McDonald restaurant in San Bernardino, California and then in September 1948 shut it down for three months. In December 1948 they reopened a self-serice drive-in McDonald's restaurant. The meny cantained 9 items: hamburger, cheeseburger, soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips and slice of pie.
1958- 100 million hamburgers sold
1959- 100 restaurants opened
1961- new logo
1968- 1000 restaurants opened
1969- next change of logo
1978- 5000 restaurants opened
1992-first McDonald's in Poland (Warsaw)
2015- 36,525 restaurants opened
Business model:
"The Three Legged Stool": Owner, Suppliers, Employees
special attention to how customers are alike
"plan to win": Learn, Share, Scale

McDonald's Charity which helps children
more than 80% restaurants are owned and operated by local, independent businessman and women
1. Revenue in billion $
About food...
McDonald's collaborates with producers, academic advisors and suppliers in the development of housing, handling, healthcare
products like coffee, palm oil, fish etc. only from veryfied sources
vegetables and fruits often from local, indirect suppliers
McGazpacho Spain
McKebab Israel, Argentina
Rice Burger Japan
McPinto Costa Rica
McCurry Pan India
McBeer Germany
McNurnburger Germany
How to oversmart Mc
The Mc currently has over 5000 franchisees
Only the McDonald's company can find, build, or rent place for new McDonald
More than 80% of their restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by Franchisees.
McDonald has franchise since1995
In Poland you have to have about 1,2 mln zł to be franchisee and sign the contract for 20 years
McDonald has more than 225 places owned by franchisees
Our presentation contains :
short history about the company
business model
some interesting statistics
competitors of the Mc
informations about food
McDonald's tricks
Main competitors McDonald are :
Burger King, Wendy’s , Taco Bell, KFC and Subway

Starbucks Corporation is a specialty quick-service restaurant with an offering compare as McDonald’s
McDonald's burgers do not decompose or rot for weeks, months, or even years after they've been cooked
Only 50 percent of the nuggets is actually chicken
McDonald's has admitted to using pink slime in their hamburgers before, but had stopped it in 2011
“Here at McDonald’s UK we use whole cuts of 100% beef from the forequarter and flank with just a pinch of salt and pepper added after cooking.""

'"From farm to restaurant counter nothing else is added .''

""Whatever your chicken choice, we only use chicken breast meat across our entire chicken range. ""
Interesting facts :
According to The Fiscal Times, McDonald's sells 75 burgers every second. That amounts to over 2.36 billion burgers per year – roughly the equivalent of eating a million cows !!!

McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys.

When you buy a hot drink, you can ask for a free refill once.
Order Any Burger with a "Steamed Bun"
Ask for your fries with "no salt."
If you want fresh meat ask for no onion
Thank You for attention :)
Bibliography :
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