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Science Lab Equipment

Presentation on basic science lab equipment and their purpose.

Kathy Kruisenga

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Science Lab Equipment

To read a triple beam balance, add the numbers below each slider. A balance is used to find the mass of an object. Mass is measured in grams. A metric ruler is used to find the volume of a regularly shaped object such as a cube. The formula for volume is length x width x height or lwh. The unit is cubic centimeters (cm3). Make sure your volume
is on....You don't want to
miss this! Safety Glasses Gloves Triple Beam Balance Electronic Balance Metric Ruler Plastic Graduated
Cylinder Glass Graduated
Cylinders Spring Scales Beakers BALANCES 79.3 g SCIENCE LAB EQUIPMENT "Recognize the Basics" BEAKERS SPRING
EQUIPMENT Thermometer A thermometer is used
to record the temperature
of a liquid. A spring scale measures the gravitational force on an object.
This is called weight and is
measured in newtons (N). A beaker is used to hold, mix,
pour, and heat liquids. Notice
the pouring lip. Put it on!!

Better SAFE
than sorry. Read the bottom of the
curve or meniscus to find
the accurate mL. This
graduated cylinder
contains 6.3 mL of liquid. A graduated cylinder is used to find the volume
of a liquid. It can also be used to find the volume
of an irregularly shaped object such as a rock or
pair of scissors. The unit is mL. DON'T FORGET
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