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Becoming a Specialist Teacher

No description

Jessica F

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Becoming a Specialist Teacher

Teacher Librarians
A teacher librarian holds recognised qualifications in both education and librarianship.

Their three main roles within a school are:
Curriculum leader
Information Specialist
Information Service Manager
How do I become a teacher librarian?
Becoming a Specialist Teacher
The DEC says specialist teachers are:
Career advisors
Teachers of English as a Second Langauge
School Counsellors
Special Education teachers
Teacher Librarians
Vocational Education and Training
PD/H/PE Teachers
Language Teachers
Motor Skills
Music Teachers
Curriculum Leader
involved in curriculum planning and school curriculum committees
plan, teach, and evaluate collaboratively with teachers to ensure the effective integration of information resources and technology into student learning
Maintain literacy as a high priority, engaging students in reading, viewing, and listening for understanding and enjoyment
Information Specialists
provide access to information resources through efficient and well guided systems for organising, retrieving and circulating resources
Provide training and assistance to students and staff in effective use of these systems
provide specialist assistance to students using technology and information resources in and beyond the school and for independent research
Information Services Manager

develop policies, procedures and criteria for selecting resources which meet curriculum, information and student recreational needs
develop budget estimates to ensure that teaching and learning requirements are met
provide a stimulating, helpful environment which is a focal point and showcase for students' learning achievements
Library Pathways
Primary school libraries

time and workload

status and role

High school libraries
State Libraries
Specialist Libraries
Mobile Libraries
changing nature of information

understand their role within a changing context

update technology skills

develop strategies to manage information context
refer to resource list link 1
1. School Catalogue Information System - SCIS

2. Australian School Library Association - ASLA

3. Australian Library and Information Association - ALIA

4. School Library Support

5. Specialist Teaching Areas

Time and Workload
student behaviour

lunchtimes spent in library

feel isolated within library

only with students one hour a week

collection management and budgeting
Status and Role

librarians under threat

under funded

under staffed

lack of full time positions

only one librarian in a school
Approved qualifications in primary or secondary education
Draw a teacher librarian
Masters degree in Education specialising in Teacher Librarianship
Charles Sturt University

Queensland University of Technology
Charles Sturt University
Distance Education

2 year part time/ 1 year full time

Prof. Ex. with teacher librarian mentor

HECS-HELP available
Queensland University of Technology
Distance Education

2 years part time/ 1 year full time

Prof. Ex. with teacher librarian mentors

Requires blue card

HECS-HELP available
you must be registered or eligible for registration before the next step.
conducting and evaluating educational research (MEd core)

Youth, popular culture and texts

Connected learning

Designing spaces for learning

Learning hubs

Inquiry learning

Children's literature: Criticism and practice
Introduction to teacher librarianship

Resourcing the curriculum

Teacher librarian as leader

Introduction to educational research

Professional Experience and portfolio
Six core subjects and two electives. Core subjects are:
Seven core subjects:
Where do I find all this info?
Talk to a librarian!
We spoke to Robyn Coulter from Frank Partridge V.C
Jackie French
Your turn!
In your group, use the book on your table to think of some lessons that this book could support.
Thanks for Participating!
Any Questions?
Jessica Ferguson
Ellen Murray
Catherine Turner
Kara Ludwig
Teaching in a field you're passionate about

Opportunity to maintain the school library collection

Opportunity to work with all school users- teachers and students

Ability and responsibility to promote quality literature

Opportunity to keep current in new technology and literature
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