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No description

Olivia LeClair

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Fallacies

False Analogy
A comparison of two things that a unalike
Ad Hominem
Bandwagon (Ad Populum)
Simple Cause
Assigning a single change to a larger, unrelated problem
Post Hoc
Circular Reasoning
Using the same argument over and over again but wording it differently each time.

Hasty Generalization
Non Sequitur

Poisoning the Well
Red Herring
Slippery Slope
Straw Man
Mistaking Correlation for Cause
Weasel Word
Use of words excessively to cause them to have little to no meaning.
Building up an argument based on another person's position or argument.
Argument pointed at directly at the person rather than their beliefs and positions.
Doing something because the rest of the crowd is doing it.
Confusing the meaning of a word with another meaning.
One thing causes another simply because it happens afterwards.
One thing in a group enjoys or does something so the whole group must agree.
Taking a question and turning it into something completely unrelated.
One thing happens which is going to cause a whole downfall of events.
Mistaking one the correlation of events as the cause of one after another.
Arrives at a conclusion with no logic.
Taking one thing and taking it over the top and much broader than it needs to me
Taking a possibility and discrediting it before it even happens.
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