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Fan Communications & Loyalty Coordinator

No description

Marissa Jenkins

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Fan Communications & Loyalty Coordinator

Director of Fan Experience for an NFL Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Marissa Jenkins
Job Description
The Director of Fan Experience is responsible for developing, managing, and implementing the strategy, vision, and execution of all the touch points of the in game fan experience. Thus this position will direct all the elements of the in game fan experience including score entertainment show, fan entertainment team, mascot, and in game ceremonies and events. This position will also heavily influence the identity and execution of the in game customer service.
Possible Career Path
Domestic violence within the industry's players
Competition with television networks for game experience

Oversee the research, development and implementation of short and long-term business plans in creating a strategy and execution plan for our in game fan experience.
Determine, implement and evaluate successful approaches to maximizing the in game fan experience and transforming it into a competitive advantage.
Oversee the strategy and creative direction of the Scoreboard entertainment show. Coordinate with Manager of Creative Production to ensure creative appropriate meets desired look and feel.
Oversee a staff that is responsible for executing a multi-faceted in game experience.
Determine and implement evaluation metrics to measure effectiveness of the organization’s entertainment and service efforts including measuring success of scoreboard entertainment and evaluation of in game customer service.
Maximizing In Game Fan Experience & Scoreboard entertainment show

Management of In Game
Experience Department
Oversee the day-to-day operations of the In Game Experience department.
Coordinate with Human Resources department to recruit, hire, train and supervise staff members that align with organizational values.
Foster an environment that adheres to the organizational values.
Provide staff members with feedback and development opportunities that allow them to most effectively contribute to individual work plans, professional work plans, departmental goals, organizational strategic priorities and guiding commitments.
Develop and maintain measurement tools to monitor initiatives and staff effectiveness
Oversee development of department annual business plans with strategies and key metrics to drive achievement of departmental goals

Coordinate across multiple departments to ensure maximum in game fan experience impact and assist the organization in meeting its strategic priorities and guiding commitments:
Work with Brand Management and Strategy/Analytics to develop a fan focused research plan to inform the in game fan experience strategy and identity
Work with Brand Management to ensure brand consistency across out of arena and in arena creative and executional elements.
Work with Arena Operations to ensure that recruitment, training, and management processes and practices of all fan-facing Game Day staff are in concert with In Game Experience strategy, identity, and executional considerations.
Work with Fan Services (phone customer service department) to ensure coordination of customer service expectations, identity, and success metrics.
Work with Communications and Football Operations departments to create opportunities for players and field staff to have the appropriate exposure in the in game fan experience.
Work with Sales departments (Corporate Partners, Premium Sales, Group Sales) to create opportunities to leverage the in game experience for both revenue enhancing and brand building opportunities.
Work with the Human Resources department to coordinate the recruitment, hiring, training, development and motivation at all levels of support staff to assure alignment with the organizational values.
Work with Finance department to ensure accurate and timely planning, forecasting, accounting, reporting and financial controls.
Cross-Departmental Coordination
Average Salary for a Director of Fan Experience is between 50,000-60,000 per year
Director of Fan Experience

Fan Insight and Analytics Manager

Fan Communications & Loyalty Coordinator

Entry-level Position or Internship
Current Challenges &/or Trends Directors of Fan Experience are facing
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