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Control Applications

No description

Digvijay Singh

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Control Applications

Control Applications
Future of control applications
As technology advances, several unmanned operations are taking over jobs like pilots, manufacturing, etc. With such applications, machines will take over operations in our day to day lives and be more proficient in their working. This is revolutionary as it will reduce human error and mistakes. It will also enable firms to save on employement of people and have better uses of personnel.
Data monitoring
Streaming data
Manless operations and computer applications
Why use such applications
Its uses
In areas where people cannot operate huge amounts of data, for e.g.- Monitoring specific sites in a school, we use mainframe applications which replace humans.
Such applications are used in areas which humans can either not exist or are unable to operate. Benefits of using such applications can include less human errors, proficiency and better availability of data. It is also used in areas where humans cannot operate
Its uses vary from automatic data logging to systam analysis and data monitoring.
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