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save our rainforest

No description

Milena K.

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of save our rainforest

The amazon
Save the amozon rainforest
people are ruining the rainforest because they think oh its so great we get constriction paper and manufacturing and who is in charge of this? the government of course they also
some day the animals might fight back when you are hurting their habitat. For example you are in the water ruining a piece of land witch crocodiles rest one of the crocodiles might jump out and start attacking you! this could also happen with other animals that live in the rainforest or near a rainforest such as pandas, snakes, and even scorpions might give you a deadly bite These are not the only ones that can hurt you there are much more.
We are The bad guys
First of all we are acting like the bad guys going around not caring and cutting down other animals habitat. For example look at giant pandas there is only 1,600 left living in the wild. Have you ever thought about how you would feel if someone cut down your habitat that means no house no garden and no food!
I'm sure you are thinking zoos are the best place to preserve animals from extinctions but have you ever thought about the people who visit the zoo. If you don't know what im talking about I'm talking about those people who think that they cant get hurt but i read in an article that a small girl was at the zoo and her rainbow loom band broke and got eaten by a koala and it died soon after. WE can change this by saying stay away from were the animals are.
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