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WWII Project

Operation Overlord -Preparations -Execution -Result

Jon Carlson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of WWII Project

-Operation Postage Able- Omaha Beach English Channel France -General Montgomery's Plan- -Envisioned a 90 day battle.
Ending with allied forces reaching the
Seine River
-First 40 Days-
Planned to create a lodgement
and take control of Cherbourg
and Caen, and other Atlantic port cities Hoped to set up a line 125 miles south of Paris -Technology- Allies used 'Mulberries'
Artificial harbors used to support
troops before port cities were captured. PLUTO (not the [former] planet) Oil pipeline between England and France, devised by British Scientists
used to transport oil to Allied Troops in France, during the later parts of the invasion. DD TANKS Amphibious Tanks used in the Normand Landings
designed by the British.

Nicknamed Hobart's Funnies Normandy, a region of nothern France was chosen for initial invasion.
In range of British Air Forces
Near Cherbourg
Not as well defended as Pas de Calais -EXECUTION- D-Day: June 6, 1944 Initial plan assualt planned
for June 5, but bad weather
forced a delay. Some 7,000 Ships, carry assault forces left England.
Divided in to five assault groups, each landing on a different "Beach"
-Sword, Juno, Gold, Utah, Omaha

In the meantime, planes were flying and landing in France to take control of the Contentin Pennisula, and the major port city of Cherbourg. All 5 beaches were successful
in breaking through the German
defenses by afternoon The Germans were taken by surprise by the D-day invasion, even after the attack started they were slow to act.
Although one German counter attack prevented British and Canadian troops from reaching Caen. By the end of the day some 156,000 men, along with equiptment and supplies were landed. The American forces advanced west to capture the deep port city of Cherbourg. Difficult terrain made for slow going, and German defenses brought the U.S. casualty numbers higher. On June 26, the German Lieutenant in Cherbourg surrendered to American forces, however before he did, he destroyed many key facilities, the port would not be operable until mid-August. A series of Canadian, and British offensives that lasted until July 28, led to the Capture of the city of Caen. American attacks towards the Seine river prevented the Germans from estblishing a defensive line. The Allied forces encircled German troops, and with help from French resistence liberated Paris on August 25, 1944. Operation to map the beaches of Normandy. X-Craft:
Midget Submarine
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