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Pacific Island Mythology

English PowerPoint

Emily F

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Pacific Island Mythology

The End! Where are the Pacific Islands? Some cultures of the pacific islands believed that heaven and the earth always existed. They didn’t create a scientific theory, or believe in a creator. However, they did believe in gods or goddesses who created individual islands.
Creation of the World Theory The Menehune Myth The people of the pacific islands believed in the existence of little people similar to dwarfs and elves of European folklore. The Hawaiians called these little people the menehune. Pacific Islanders believed the menehune were responsible for events that could not otherwise be explained. For example, if a worker finished a job faster than expected, the menehune was given the credit for the worker’s unexplainable speed. If a wall was so old that nobody could remember who built it, the people decided the menehune must have put it up. Kunapipi is a mother godess who is important in Arhem land in Northern Australia, and New Zealand, which is close to the Pacific Islands. It is said that she formed the land from her body and made children, animals, and plants. She is also the goddess of death and rebirth who swallows people, usually children or young men, but then vomits them up again so that they are released. By: Emily Ferris Pacific Island Mythology The Islands Samoa and Tonga The people of the pacific island believed in a god Tangaloa. The myth is that he threw rocks into the water, and these eventually became the islands of Samoa and Tonga.
The Goddess Rona The Goddess Rona is the tide Controller of the Pacific Islands One night she was carrying a bucket with stream water back home to her children, when the path became dark. The Moon slipped behind the clouds making it impossible to see anything. As Rona was walking, she hit her foot against a root that was sticking out of the ground. She was so upset that she couldn't see the root; she made some unkind remarks about the Moon. The Moon heard her remarks and put a curse on the Maori people. The Moon grabbed Rona and her water bucket. Many people today see a woman with a bucket in the Moon. It is said that when Rona upsets her bucket, it rains. The Myth Kunapipi Sources http://www.madhula.com/the_characters.html



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