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Lawless by Jeffrey Salane

Ava Donley

Regina Holman

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Lawless by Jeffrey Salane

Lawless by Jeffrey Salane
The Interview
M. Freeman
- is a 12 year girl, who has been home schooled her entire life. Never thinking her parents had a plan for her, M is now heading to New York City for an interview to enter the Lawless School. At the interview M meets

a teacher at Lawless and
Ms. Smith
who ask her many questions about her family. As the interview ends Ms. Watts excuses Ms. Smith and secretly gives M an envelope. She tells M to burn the envelope, scatter the ashes and forget all about the Lawless School.
Clue #1 Why does Ms. Watts want M to forget about the Lawless School.
M knows her father who died in a plane crash 6 years ago was a student at Lawless.
Who Can You Trust?
After the very confusing interview M does not know if she's been accepted to the Lawless School. Unable to wait, she opens the envelope on the ride home, but there is no writing; it's completely blank. At home M throws the letter into the fireplace. As the letter is burning the words
appear on the letter. Who is Zara? M is about to talk to her mother when she hears her speaking to someone. M is staring at Ms. Zara Smith, the same woman from the interview. M's mother congratulates M on acceptance to Lawless and tells her Zara will be her guardian.
The Lawless School
M's first day of school does not go well. She becomes a "mark" mysteriously losing her dorm key, map and meal card. As the months go by, M learns her father and Ms. Watts were art thieves for the Lawless School and once in love. Her fathers last mission was to steal two Rembrandt paintings. On his journey back to Lawless his plane crashes.
Clue #2 What information did M's father have about those paintings?
Convinced that her father has left messages for her, M vows to solve his puzzle.

A Father's Wish
M decides she must steal the two Rembrandt paintings in order to solve her fathers mysterious plane crash. Believing Ms. Watts was involved in her fathers death, M must rely on her guardian Zara for help. M travels to Germany in order to find her clues. Does she solve the mystery? Read Lawless to find out.
Plot: Do you know your purpose?
Salane, Jeffrey. Lawless.
New York: 2013.
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