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No description

Matthew Owyang

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of DogTrekker

Barks and Brews Eduardo Aparicio, Kim Bielak, Alee Cho, Tiffany Kirkland, Matthew Owyang, Jeremy Watson DogTrekker.com What: Social networking event for Bay Area dogs and dog lovers

Why: Dogs need friends too! Meet other furry friends and their adventurous owners--who knows who you'll go on your next nature hike or wine tasting with! Barks and Brews You are cordially invited to... A newfound sense of community for DogTrekker

"Sticky" customers

Integrating DT into the monthly routine of users A stronger community of dog lovers New opportunities for growth Growing communities via personalized contact is one of the strongest methods for building loyalty (Clickz)

Utilizes a small core of extremely loyal users

Scalable to include larger groups as it begins to expand Need to make it easy for users to get involved and join in the fun (FierceLoyalty)

Social media strategy allows participants to win while encouraging users to build content and invite others Leveraging social media Fun events + Incentivized sharing = Loyal, passionate users Social Media Engagement -Barks and Brews Photo Contest
-Goal: receive 500 'paw prints' with
DogTrekker's social media sites Paradigm Prototype "K9-Connection is a blast, it immediately became our favorite Happy Hour! We love to kick back, have a beer and watch Benji make new friends."
- Brenda & Benji "Where else can you and your dog meet other dogs and dog lovers over a beer? And it's even outdoors and off-leash! I can't think of a more fun or relaxing environment for me or Bailey." - Chris & Bailey CUSTOMERS
- friends for dogs K9-Connection (Minneapolis) DOG-TREKKER NEEDS:
- reach a younger demographic Timeline Looking forward (1) A series of similar events geared at singles:
Napa Wine Tasting, Bay Area Day Hikes

(2) Expanding to event series for other demographics:
Families, Retirees, "New-Adopters"

(3) Continued social media photo contests!
DogTrekker events, locations, holidays Marketing and PR Seek sponsors and donations Event: Photo Contest live! Event follow-up: Photos, Newsletter, etc. DogCation follow-up: Photos, Blog, Newsletter, Reviews Other Recommendations User generated content on DogTrekker site Social Media "Sharing" Buttons on DogTrekker Website: Destinations, Events, Itineraries "Rating System" (5 Paw-scale) Comment Reviews of Destinations
We shouldn't be each
other's only friend. Social network
through me,
please? Wanna
be friends? Where We're not
anymore! Hi,
I'm Peke I need friend. 76 Paw Prints! Winner Receives
DogCation! I'm scared
of the
outside... Not
afraid! East Bay SPCA Courtyard
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