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Project Management Office - E-Learning

No description

Maurice van Buren

on 12 April 2012

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Transcript of Project Management Office - E-Learning

PMO - Awareness A temporary organisation that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products (delivering a change) according to a specified business case (delivering benefits) Project Management is about:
Temporary Organization
Delivering specific results/products
A Methodology (PRINCE2; UPM) What A Project Is What A Project Is NOT A target outcome A defined life span Cross organisational
participation New or unique Time, Cost and
requirements Explorations Go on indefinitely One team
One person Creating the same
thing multiple times Non constraints
on Time, Costs
or Performance A PRINCE2 definition Data published by Standish Group International, Inc., as reported in Computer World, February 17, 2003 63% of projects have schedule delays

49% of projects exceed budget or do
not meet business objectives

45% of projects face cost overruns

23% of all projects FAIL Introduction In This Chapter some basics of Project Management are outlined. We touch upon:

1. What is a Project and what is it not!

2. What the Main Challenges are at each level

What is a Project The Challenges Why Projects Fail An increased sense of
awareness on the
concept of PMO that
allows you to:

Project Management Office E-Learning Welcome to PMO Awareness E-Learning Let's Start with an Outline and the Objective Have oversight on Portfolio,
Programme and Project
Management as wll
as PMO

Have a basic understanding
of the services & functions
a PMO may perfom Explain how PMO's may
deliver value and benefits

At The End of the course you will have...
If We Had Only 5 Seconds To Show You
What A PMO Is..We Would Show You... Start So...Put all other
things aside Keep your other things aside... You are almost there What is the correct order
from a governance
(from small to large) Which of the
following is true? A PMO is part of a
Portfolio and a Project Portfolio Team Project Program A PMO is part of a
Program A PMO is part of a
Program, Portfolio
and a Project but
never at the same
time A PMO is part of a
Program, Portfolio
and a Project and you can have several PMOs in place at the same time at several levels of the organization 1. Monitor and Control
Project Performance

2. Develop and Implement
a standard methodology An article by dr. Brian Hobbes describes several activities carried out by PMO's. Conform the report PMOs were most
used (respectively 83% and 76%) in which of the following two activities? 1. Report project status
to upper management

2. Develop and Implement
a standard methodology 1. Manage benefits

2. Allocate resources
between projects 1. Implement and
manage risk database

2. Coordinate between
projects Temporary Okay. We Know Project Fail and each level in the organization has to address its challenges

Now let's have a look at what a PMO is... Introduction in Project Management Size There is not one type of PMO.... Added Value of PMO A Generic PMO Framework Which Service is Most used? 1 PMO Basic Definitions & Concepts 2 3 4 Finish Objectives &
Learning Points 1. 2. 3. Provide an Overview of what is a Portfolio, A Programme and a Project and what
are the main characterstics and challenges in the field of Project Management Provide an Overview of how PMO's can be defined and that different PMO types may exist Show a generic model of PMO and which services and functions it may perform Explain which benefits and value may be associated with having a PMO 4. What is a Programme What is a Portfolio Introduction In This Chapter Basic definitions of a PMO are discussed. More specifically:

1. How is a PMO defined?

2. What are the main functions?

3. What are the different variations in PMO's and which factors determine this?

PMO may be defined as A decision enabling and delivery support group for all business change activities within an organization which enables a Controlled & Transparent Manageability of Projects, Programmes and Portfolio It Delivers the following functions: PMO Decision Enabling Delivery Support Center of Excellence Different Functions The decision enabling function of a PMO enables transparency and insight sight so managers can focus on priorities, critical issues and making the right decisions. This is effectuated by the PMO by providing a reporting function and the creation of Management Dashboards. creation of Management Dashboards. es the project or programme manager with planning, risk management, issue resolution, change control and documentation. As managed by the PMO this frees up time and attention for managers to focus on critical matters and exceptions. A Center of Excellence function provides standards, processes and assurance, which safeguards quality and efficiency. Projects Programmes Portfolio Customer The customer decides which tasks to include in your role, which formats and tools to use, the frequency of reports, meetings etc. Leading here is the method used. For example UPM, PRINCE2, RUP; it’s important that the PMO structure closely hews to a company’s corporate culture Phase &
Maturity The phase a project is in, will influence which tasks are to be executed and how. Yes! We on a high level what a PMO is and that there are several variations.

But which specific services do they perform? Introduction In this chapter we will look at a generic PMO model. More specifically we look at:

1. What Services a PMO can deliver

2. What these Services entail

PMO: The Generic Model Thanks! Now we know which services a PMO performs. This enables us to understand which benefits it may deliver and how it may address the challenges at each level Introduction In this chapter we will look at the benefits of a PMO. More specifically:

1. Generic Benefits

2. Specific Benefits

3. How PMO addresses challenges at each level

What Do Our Clients Think? Wow! So PMO's deliver significant benefits as well.
I think I am PMO aware now, but let's test it with a little quiz.
Higher Return on Management as PMO enables efficient use of managerial Common Planning & Reporting Processes
A PMO can help organisations create effective control, structure, transparency and oversight of projects and integrate them with the overall business outcomes.
The kinds of functions undertaken by the PMO can vary widely. It will depend largely on the organisations’: size, project success, maturity, project experience, level of available skill, exposure and the level of executive support for project management generally Often the incentive for establishing a PMO comes from a history of failed or under-performing projects. Examining recent and existing projects will identify skills and other gaps that the organisation can address through the PMO. Ensuring consistency and uniformity in project delivery Reducing project overruns and increasing delivery speed Providing a centralised point of reference for the project management practice Overview of Portfolio, insight and focus on priorities Develop common expectations and language and manage all project centrally Faster & Improved Decision Making Focus on Progress & Scope Less project scoring Red and fewer surprises and exceptions Portfolio Programme Project Focus on progress and focus on control aspects The Benefits Generic Specific Addressing the Challenges Quiz A Project is about delivering specific Products, mostly conform a methdology. The Project Manager is concerned with
conflicting demands to meet delivery objectives and to adhere to control standards (Methodology) The Experience of a Consultant THANKS FOR FOLLOWING THIS
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