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English session: Food

English language and its didactic

Rocío González

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of English session: Food

LANGUAGE SUPPORT TOPIC FOOD Healthy food Table Manners Why have we chosen this topic? CYCLE AND GRADE Second cycle
Third grade
Fourth grade topic competences FOOD
Healthy food
Table Manners
Food groups Linguistic Development
Understanding a song’s lyrics
Development of speech skills. CULTURAL ELEMENTS Introduction to table manners and the basic arrangement of cutlery.

Development of healthy and appropriate diets according with the nutritional way of living of the country. To learn the table manners and practice them, this includes the learning of how to arrange the cutlery and the rest of the elements on the table also.

To know how to design a healthy and balanced diet.

To know the proteins, carbohydrates, fats and more substances presents in food and what effects do they have in our organism and the place they occupy in the food guide pyramid. OBJECTIVES VOCABULARY Structures: Grammatically we use simple tenses, a rich vocabulary.

Make a grammatically correct construction given a question-answer structure.

Functions: We use the vocabulary to make descriptions, for example to describe the foods, the healthy habits or the food guide pyramid. FUNCTIONS Introducing their restaurant
Explaining their menus
Describing foods physically
Talking about daily actions related to eating
Talking about the location and position of objects (cutlery)
Talking about likes and dislikes
Suggesting healthier meals
Giving their opinion
Argue about the reason of an opinion. Songs: to teach table manners

Realia: plastic cutlery and napkins

Table and Pyramid: aliments names, kinds of foods, elements of which those are composed. The Drawing Chef Introduction activity

Time for drawing

Questions, explanations, in pairs It is from..
We eat it with..
I like it because... What is it?
Is it cold?
Do we eat it for breakfast? Mr. Peach & Mrs. Pear Develop their creativity

Create a dessert

Share opinions, and eat together

Related with other subjects (Arts) Eat like an Egyptian! Time to eat When it’s time to eat I walk to the table.
I sit in my chair
I put my napkin on my lap
And I wait for my food.
When it comes I say “thank you”
[...] Our restaurant! Can our students understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods?
Can our students list at least 5 healthy meals?
Are our students able to explain why a meal is healthy?
Are our students able to introduce and explain their group work properly?
Can our students suggest healthier options?

Would the pupils know how to lay the table properly?
Could they explain why we place to the outside the salad fork and teh tea spoon? ASSESSMENT Thanks for your attention! The Goddesses' group and now... let's practice!!! Little set of questions / chat Introduction

Vocabulary Explanation of the basic table manners by
Jaycie Voorhees Vocabulary

Healthy food

Placing food in a pyramid

Opinions, debate Final activity


Feedback Important topic with many possibilities

Prevent childhood obesity

Healthy habits, healthy life

Correct behavior, polite Creation of a healthy menu (first session)

Cutlery arrangement (table manners)

High level of involvement

Develop all the things they have learnt
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