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Samsung Galaxy Tablets – The missing piece of the jigsaw

Workshop for our Festival of Learning 2012 http://www.cramlingtonlv.co.uk/festival2012/index.php

Phil Spoors

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Samsung Galaxy Tablets – The missing piece of the jigsaw

Samsung Galaxy Tablets – The missing piece of the jigsaw Phil Spoors, Assistant Head Teacher This session Learn why we felt we needed mobile technology
Learn ways in which these devices can engage and support students in their learning (from us and from other delegates)
Learn how we implemented our scheme, including the challenges we faced
What next? Samsung Galaxy Tablets – The missing piece of the jigsaw Activity 2 Why are you here?
(Not a philosophical question) While the background music is playing stand up and circulate the room. Make 3 introductions and find out why the other person chose this workshop and what they hope to get out of it Okay, hopefully we've made a pretty good case so far for mobile technology. So how did we implement the scheme? Implementation Choosing the device
Induction and training Choosing the right device Trial Trialled with a full tutor group for a half term
Highlighted that there was little technical set up
Highlighted classroom management challenges
Highlighted how powerful the devices could be
Learned about practicalities like battery life, transferring files, etc. Training Trialled thoroughly amongst a range of other devices including ipods, ipads, phones, mini books, laptops, other tablets
Easily portable but large enough screen to be usable
It works! The Samsungs proved more compatible with our existing systems than any other device
Reasonable price makes the scheme feasible
No 3G so can be directed through our Internet filtering in school
Android combined with Adobe Air allows our web design team to very easily make and distribute bespoke apps
Also easy for students to create their own apps
Simple things like directly taking a photo from our class blog and sharing so much easier than on other devices we trialled
Android proved to be more flexible than the OS of other mobile devices Induction session
Staff training
Wellbeing day same week
Second training session a month in to scheme
ICT Champions and KS3 Coordinators cascade further training The Scheme Parental contribution scheme
£10 per month over 2 years
Device belongs to students after 2 years
Cover tablet, case, USB charging cable, headphones, CLV user guide and comprehensive insurance policy
Support from school and ELF where needed Launch Year 6 Open evening, indication of interest
Follow up letter, firm confirmation of interest
Direct debit/donation forms
Placed order with RM So how are they being used? Activity 3 In your envelope you will find a number of quotes from our ICT champions in different departments. Can you match the way each department is using the tablets to the correct department?

Paired activity What do students think? Challenges? Students remembering their tablets/remembering to charge them
Distractions during lessons
Safety and security outside of school
Inappropriate apps on the Android market
Staff understanding the potential of the device
Staff understanding that this device is not a PC
Admin of collecting donations and insurance claims
Parents understandably expecting use out of the tablets every lesson Time to play! What next? Next year's year 7
Bring your own device (post 16)
Develop mobile site further
Create more custom apps
Plan more use into schemes of learning
Enjoy what the tablets offer! Questions? Thank you Case Studies/Articles http://www.agent4change.net/bett-week/learning-platforms/1876-no-one-size-fits-all-for-11-think-strategically.html


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