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Disney land Paris !

No description

sarah m

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Disney land Paris !

by Jessica and Sarah when is ict used at Disney land Paris summary other uses of ict at disney land paris include

designing,testing and scheduling of rides throughout the day. Paris How this will go... Digital...what? Questions
(reward time) 1.
6. Name one reason ict is important at Disney land... every one loves the one pound fish song which was recently in the uk top 40 chart you may ask why the one pound fish song is even remotely relevant to Disney land Paris does any one know? answer 1 pound fish is an advertisement for in his case 1 pound fish Disney land do not sing about their holiday and rides but instead have adverts on t.v these adverts were developed using computer software/ict. Heres an example... Thank you for watching! we are going to tell you about the role ict plays behind the scenes at Disney land Paris. Pay attention and there will be a reward at the end so sit back relax and pay close attention!!! so In Disney land Paris Hardware,operating systems and sometimes even specially designed soft ware is used to keep the hotel and park running smoothly . Animatronics In the nine teen fifty's a man called Walt Disney (the man who founded yes you guessed it founded Disney the major producer of films in America) bought an electronic bird. this was the main inspiration behind the birds in the Tiki bird room at Disney land Paris. These birds are pre programed robotic birds these are products of anamatronic work. On the rides... ict is used to develop rides so that they always have new and exiting rides for you to enjoy throughout the day (more on this later though...)

did you know?
when it is snowing we usually go sledging but did you know those were the original roller coasters?

the main idea
The rides work using potential energy most of which starts at the first drop once this energy runs out a series of pulleys and ropes are used to guide the coasters. ICT IS USED TO... ADVERTISING So to create a roller ion has many coaster you must have many layers of design just like this presentation has many slides.

after the design they have to test the structure and the stability during testing real people aren't allowed to board the rides instead testing is undergone by dummies or sometimes even on less advanced coasters bags of sand or other weights. roller coaster designlayers... they are then scanned into a computer and are made to look like this,this is called computer modeling roller coaster design
layers... at all Disney resorts there is a spectacular show of bright lights on all rides pictured here this is a far harder task than it might first appear there is also a large selection of music played on each ride. well yes it is you see the lights have to be choreographed in time with the music and so the music also has to be relevant to the ride its self for example an Ariel ride would not have Cinderella playing in the background and vice versa . this is all another use of ict as the software used to program the lights is another advance in fairly modern technology what is C.A.D./C.A.M Modeling? this is what it looks like... what is the name of the animatronics room at disney? what has to be in time with the music on the rides? digital what? what were original roller coasters?
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