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Evelyn Pham

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Sweden

Sweden is located in between Norway and Finland, while the Gulf of Bonthnia separates Finland from Sweden.
Capital City: Stockholm
Sweden is a very unique country. It is suitable for many different people. Sweden has modern cities like Stockholm for city lovers, but there's also tons of nature and fresh air in Sweden! Sweden: Geography Literacy Rate= 99% Sweden: Demographics and Government Diary Entries I would like to move to Sweden, because it has over 90,000 lakes and rivers to fish in, and nice, chilly, rigid mountains to scale and ski in. To me, Sweden is a nice place to be out in the open, and to get some fresh air.For the nature lovers, there is a special sight called "Land of the Midnight Sun", which is an area that has the sun in the sky for 24 hours, nonstop. This country also has nice cities for the people who like to live a more modernized style. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has the City Hall, featuring the Three Crowns Chamber. Persuasive Paragraph Sweden: History http://www.cnn.com/
CIA World Factbook
Source(s) Sweden By: Evelyn Pham City Famous Site: The Stockholm City Hall Famous Sight: Land of the Midnight Sun Location: North of the Arctic Circle, a region also known as the Lapland (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Canada, Greenland, and Alaska).
When: Between June and July (for Sweden only- the time varies for other countries) Why isn't there a specific place for this famous site? Well, first of all, The Land of The Midnight Sun isn't actually a "place". It is more of an area where the sun doesn't set for 24 hours. Also, because of the angles in the Earth's axis, this doesn't last all year long. This sight only lasts for about a month, (720 hours of nonstop sunlight!) but it's worth it. The sun doesn't set, but at evening, there are beautiful pink and orange skies to look at. Travel Advertisement Unique Sweden Awesome Winter Sports! Stockholm! Capital City of Sweden Land of the midnight sun Sunlight 24/7! A fabulous place for city AND
nature lovers! Per Capita GDP= $41,700
271,234 Kronor (Swedish currency Infant mortality= 2 (out of 1,000) Life Expectancy= 81 years Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy Leader: King Carl XVI Gustaf (ruled since 1973) for 40 years Leader Interview- Part 1 Location: Stockholm, Sweden Features:
The Blue Hall
The Golden Hall
The Three Crowns Chamber What is the Land of the Midnight Sun?
This famous spot is a region of land (Lapland) that keeps the sun from setting for 24 hours. Admission Prices: If you would go today (May 2013) as a class
Student: SEK 80 (about $12)
Adult: SEK 100 (about $15) The Blue Hall The Blue Hall is one of the many places to see in the City Hall. The original plan was to actually to paint the brick wall blue, but at the last minute, the architect decided to keep the bricks red. The Blue Hall is also one of the many rooms that is used for the Nobel Banquet every year on December 10th. The Golden Hall Hello, What is your name? What type of government does your country have, and is it limited, or unlimited? Hallå! My name is Carl XVI Gustaf, and in the Kingdom of Sweden, I am the king, and we have a Constitutional Monarchy. This country has a limited government. Economy: Sweden Job: Farming Qualifications Needed:
A lot of arable land
Experience with dealing crops all year round Benefits of this job:
If you decide to be a farmer in Sweden, you will be able to have fresh food right from your crops, so you won't have to go all the way to the store to buy some.
You will be able to make profits from growing fresh food! Sunday: Today we are going to church! My religion is Christianity, but we only go to church once every few weeks; My family doesn't think religion is that important, neither does anyone else in my neighborhood. Monday: Today, my family and I went fishing today at Sudersand, a popular beach in Sweden. My parents caught a lot of fish while we were there! We were just fishing for fun, though, so we released all the fish back into the ocean after we were done. Since we're talking about fish in Sweden... I'll show you a commercial of a famous candy, called Swedish Fish! Tuesday: Today is December 13th, and everyone is getting ready to go to church. December 13th is Saint Lucia day, where children carry candles at night and sing in churches or houses to ward off evil spirits in the dark. I'm very excited, because this year, I am Lucia, since I am the oldest in my group. My younger sister is one of the handmaidens (tärnor). I can't wait to sing with all the other children at the church! Wednesday: My aunt, Synnöve, has come to visit us today! She speaks Finnish and Swedish, since her side of the family used to live in Finland before they moved here. I know how to speak Swedish, but I don't know much Finnish. Synnöve usually helps me learn a few words when she visits. Thursday: Today we are going to Mt.Kebnekaise to ski! I am almost at the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, I can see a beautiful sky! I can't wait to play in the snow! How did you become the leader, and how long have you been in power? I have been the leader for 40 years, since 1973. Since Sweden is a Constitutional Monarchy, I was elected from Swedish citizens to be the king. Leader Interview- Part 2 What are some of the rights do citizens have in your country? All Swedish citizens have equal rights! They have freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, which means citizen can express their ideas or feelings. We don't have internet censorship, so Sweden citizens can roam on the internet freely. What are some of Sweden's strengths or weaknesses? Over the years, our infant mortality has decreased to only 2, plus, our life expectancy has increased over the years. Sweden has been doing very well for the past few years. Event Since Finland was influenced by Sweden, their flag design is similar Some citizens might speak Finnish, because Finland used to be a part of them. Sports and recreational activities spread between Finland and Sweden (snowboarding, skiing, etc.) Russia took part of Sweden to make Finland. 1809 Suomi! Svenska! Finnish Swedish The meaning of this cartoon is that Sweden has many pull factors.Citizens in Sweden have a high life expectancy, the government is limited, and Sweden has many places to relax at. Friday: Today I am going to Engelska Skolan Norr,which is where I go to school. Everyone there has equal schooling and lessons, which means no one is left out. Since Sweden has a small population, there are less students in one class for each teacher. My sister was supposed to come today, but she felt sick. Now she is probably at the doctor. Luckily, in Sweden, we don't have to pay anything for a checkup at the doctor! Saturday: Today we are going back to Mt.Kebnekaise for snowboarding! My family loves to go outside, to join the cool, fresh air! My sister feels better now, and hopefully she can play in the snow, too! The Golden Hall is also one of the rooms made for the Nobel Banquet, and it is made with more than 18 million glass and gold mosaic pieces, from the artist, artist Einar Forseth. It was inspired by historical figures and events in Swedish History. Culture Grams-World Edition-Kingdom of Sweden
http://www.stockholm.se Sources (part 2) The Three Crowns Chamber The Three Crowns Chamber is named after the three chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. (The Three Crowns Chamber doesn't actually contain any "crowns")
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