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The Secret Truth about Running Injuries

No description

Krissy Dooling

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Secret Truth about Running Injuries

Common Running Injuries Shin Splints Plantar Fasciitis Iliotibial Band Syndrome Runners Knee Achilles Tendonitis Usual Treatment? Treat Symptoms! Intuitive... Symptoms
Necessary? Treating the Cause... Overuse or Overtraining Improper Footwear Running Surface Structural and Mechanical Issues Foot Structure Muscle Imbalances Previous Damage Inflammatory Heat Redness Pain Swelling Stress Fractures GLUT MED! Take Home Messages Treat Symptoms
Underlying Causes Foot Type & Running Shoes You have a weak glut med.
Strengthen it and reduce risk of Injury. Arthritis Soft tissue damage
Scar tissue Respect Healing Timelines The Secret Truth About Running Injuries About Me: Acute Strains and Sprains Thank-you...

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