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The Characters Of The Pigman

No description

Tommy Newton

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of The Characters Of The Pigman

Lorraine Jensen
Lorraine is one of the main characters in The Pigman.
Lorraine hangs out with John a lot.
Lorraine wants to become a writer.
She's always trying to stop John from doing his pranks.
Lorraine is a inventive liar. She won the game to keep the stranger on the phone call the longest.
Lorraine is also very shy and has little to no self-confidence because her mother keeps on criticizing her.
Mr. Pignati Continued...
By Paul Zindel
Mr. Pignati is a kind, easygoing person who will form a friendly relationship with anyone.
Mr. Pignati was very kind to Lorraine and John and really just wanted friends.
One of the main characters of The Pigman is John Conlan.
Near the beginning of the book, John was always getting in trouble with authorities.
During school, John is always spending time setting off "bombs" in the bathroom.
Also, he is addicted to smoking and is an alcoholic.
Even though John is perceived to be unintelligent, he can think logically if he wants to, which is not very often.
Mr. Pignati
Mr. Pignati is a lonely, widowed, retired electrician who lives alone in a very messy house in John and Lorraine's neighborhood.
He goes to the zoo every day and visits a monkey named Bobo.
Most importantly, Mr. Pignati has a huge collection of ceramic pigs as a pun on his name. He first collected them with his wife, Conchetta, who is now dead.
He is about in his late fifties.
The Characters Of The Pigman
Side Characters
Some of the main characters include Norton, Dennis, and the parents.
Dennis and Norton are troublesome children that wreak havoc and are bound to fail in life.
More specifically, Norton is the thief of their group.
John's Relationship With His Dad
John's Father manipulates him. An example is that John was accused that he glued the telephone lock.
John's Father wants John to further invest in the coffee trading business. However, John wants to be an actor. Mr. Conlan is always fighting with him about being a coffee trader.
John's Father is the source of his drinking disorder. He is considered a "compulsive alcoholic."
Lorraine's Mom
Lorraine's mom struggles in life.
John's Relationship With His Mom
John does not really mind his mother.
He is always saying that she is a "compulsive cleaner."
John and Lorraine became friends in a very special way. One the bus to school, hey were forced to sit next to each other. John was laughing with himself. Lorraine was insecure about herself and thought he was laughing at her. Then, Lorraine starting laughing to not feel left out.
They became very close with making prank call to Mr. Pignati.
Lorraine's mother was single since before Lorraine was born. Her husband cheated on her and got a disease.
Lorraine's Relationship With Her Mom
Lorraine relationship with her mom is complicated.
Her mom is always criticizing her and calling her fat.
Lorraine's mom is always saying that men are evil and overall just being mean to Lorraine.
Later in the story, Lorraine realizes that her mom is under a lot of stress. She then starts to understand and forgives her mom.

Lorraine's mom is a nurse that works with the terminally ill. She steals food from her patients.
Lorraine and John
She is hard on Lorraine because she doesn't want Lorraine to end up like her.
Mr. Pignati's relationship with John and Lorraine
Mr. Pignati thought of Lorraine and John as if they were his own two children.
He bought them items that they wanted, he took them to fun places like the zoo, the mall etc...
John and Lorraine treated Mr. Pignati with equal respect and thought of him as a father figure.
John's Parents
John's father is very stressed out. He works at the Exchange with John's brother Kenneth. He hates John's desire to become an actor and thinks John should be like Kenneth.

The Pigman
There isn't a lot to John's mom. It seems that all she does is clean. She handles conflicts between John and John's father by ignoring it telling John to go somewhere.
By: Trevor, Tommy, Matt, and Nisil
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