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Problem Statment

No description

Aniket Pathak

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of Problem Statment

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Proposed System
In our proposed project,our domain for the project is Artificial Intelligence.
In our project we will host a website and also make an android application for prescribing an expert diet to the user.
We will ask the user to enter different parameters such as his/her Weight, Height, Age,Working hours,Gender.
We will also ask the user the area in which he lives because diet should be according to the surrounding environment.

We will also give user options such as weight loss and weight gain.
We will ask user if he/she has any medical problems and taking all this parameters into consideration our system will give a appropiate diet to the user

Block Diagram
Current Problems
The current application don’t properly give a direct and simple diet,which user can follow,in contrast they ask the user to select the food items they want to eat.If user had a proper knowledge about what to eat why would they use application.
The second problem is that most of the current applications are paid applications.

The user wont be able to access the system in case of server failure.
High level Symbolic Programming Languages such as LISt Programming (LISP) and PROgrammation en LOGique (PROLOG).
Java Expert System Shell (JESS) that provides fully developed Java API for creating an expert system.
Froward Chaining.
Different Grammars to communicate with system in English.
Fuzzy Logic.

RETE Algorithm
We will be using Rete Algorithm in our project.
The Rete algorithm is a pattern matching algorithm designed by Dr Charles L.Forgy of Carnegie Mellon University.
It is a very efficient algorithm for matching facts against the patterns in rules.
The Rete algorithm is implemented by building a network of nodes.
It is designed in such a way that it saves the state of the matching process from cycle to cycle and re-computes changes only for the modified facts.
The state of the matching process is updated only
as facts are added and removed.
The user can get proper diet from home itself,user dont have to travel which saves time.
The user is getting a diet that is recommended by many experts which is better than diet suggested by single expert.
Free of cost.

Future Scope
We can integrated our project with the college Health app,at the present when ever we have to consult a doctor we have to pay on our college Health app and with the gym currently opened in our college our app will be of big help to number of students,who can seek guidance for there diet through our project.




The aim is to develop a system that can replicate or even better the actual human dietitian advices and recommendation and provide user with a proper diet.
Problem Statement
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