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Ally Teklits

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Science

Layers of the Atmosphere
Stratosphere Gallery
-The thermosphere is the last layer
-The Thermosphere is the closest to the atmosphere
-The air in the Theremosphere is thin and hot
-It is where weather is made
Thermosphere's distance
600 kilometers
373 miles
Tropospheres distance:
7-20 km
4-12 miles

The boundary between the stratosphere and the mesosphere is the stratopause.
The normal temperature in the stratosphere is 56 degrees Celsius.
The Ozone layer is located in the stratosphere.
The stratosphere is the second layer of the earths atmosphere.
The stratosphere is very dry it contains no water vapor.
Distance from earth: 80 km 50 miles
Temperature- -90 degrees celcius 135 Fahrenheit
Facts- the mesosphere is above the stratosphere and extends 85 km
-the gasses in the mesosphere are still thick enough to slow down meteorite hurtling to the atmosphere where they burn up leaving firey trails in the night sky
-coldest layer, temperature drops with increased altitude, wind storms 320 km

The temperature is cold and aproximatley:
-20 Degress Celsius
-4 Degress Fahrenhiet
1) Is the nearest to the Earth.
2)Ranges from 5 to 11 miles in thickness.
3)All of Earth's weather takes place in this layer.
4) Almost all of the atmospheric water is vapor.
Fun Facts
By Ally and Eve
Mesosphere gallery
BY: Tori Colella
By: Abby Flanagan
By: Tori Colella
Thermosphere Pictures
By: Abby Flanagan
There are four layers in the atmosphere the:
-The Ionosphere is located in the upper Mesosphere and the lower Thermosphere
-Nitrogen and Oxyegen atoms absorb harmful solar energy

Thanks for watching and now you know about the Layers of the Atomosphere.
By: Stephanie
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