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OBM-4 Assignment

This is a fictive business case in which the HRM Process is displayed via the company NHR. Huub Sterk is hired as a Logistic Analyst in Amsterdam and will go through 1 year at the company. To find out what happens to him, please view the Prezi.

Ibms scholar

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of OBM-4 Assignment


Aleksandar Lazarov - 11001747
Tsonko Atanasov - 11007885
Tobias Büschel - 11098058
Sam Eddings - 12116041
Jim Albers - 11039744
Logistic Analyst Group
Value Proposition
Target Segment
"Network Hardware Resale (NHR) is the leading provider of new and pre-owned networking solutions, including Cisco routers, switches, and accessories. All equipment we sell is thoroughly tested to meet the industry’s most stringent quality standards. Visit www.networkhardware.com for more information!"

Six main offices - Santa Barbara, London, Dallas, Amsterdam, Singapore, and New York
Large customer base inlcuding companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
Almost instant order processment securing on the day repair/delivery
Lifetime warranty service for all products; 'NetSure' (customer driven)
300+ employees worldwide (high internationalization culture)

* Currently we are looking to expand our logistic network in Amsterdam and are therefore looking for a 'Logistic Analyst' in the EMEA region.
Job title: Logistics Analyst
Date: March 2013
Reports to: Logistic Manager
Job Code: 100001
Location: Amsterdam
Job Family: Logistics
Division: Higher Education
Job Summary
The person in this position will be responsible for maintaining databases of logistics information and to interpret data on logistic elements such as reliability, validity, availability, supply chain management, strategic sourcing or distribution, supplier management, or transportation. Prepare reports on logistics performance measures. Confer with logistics management teams to determine ways to optimize service levels, maintain supply-chain efficiency, or minimize cost. Remotely monitor the flow of vehicles or inventory and track product flow from origin to final delivery to assess receiving, storage, shipping, or inventory integrity. Develop or maintain models for logistics uses, such as cost estimating or demand forecasting. Analyze logistics data, using methods such as data mining, data modeling, or cost or benefit analysis. Maintain logistics records in accordance with corporate policies. Compute reporting metrics, such as on-time delivery rates, order fulfillment rates, or inventory turns. Write or revise standard operating procedures for logistics processes. Monitor industry standards, trends, or practices to identify developments in logistics planning or execution. Identify opportunities for inventory reductions.
Work Activities
Obtain information and use computers and computer systems to enter, process and analyze data
Communicate findings and consult with supervisors, peers, and subordinates
Make decisions and solve problems
Develop objectives and strategies
Communicate with people outside the organization
Required Knowledge
High level of spoken and written English is a must. Good knowledge of administration and management - to be able to plan and lead Knowledgegroups of people of principles and methods for moving people or goods by air, rail, sea, or road, including the relative costs and benefitsDegree of mathematics and statistics. Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming. Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services.
Average knowledge of laws, legal codes, agency rules, and government regulations
Good knowledge of production and processing - use of raw materials, quality control, costs, and techniques for manufacturing and distribution of goods. Knowledge of training and educating groups and individuals and practical application of engineering science and technology.
Relevant Skills
Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Systems Analysis and Evaluation, Active Listening, Effective Speaking, Monitoring and Performance Assessment, Judgement and Decision Making, Writing, Active Learning, Time Management, Coordination, Persuasion, Learning Strategies, Negotiation, Instructing.
Required Qualifications
Minimum 5 years experience on the same or similar position
MBA of Logistics/Transportation/Engineering or relevant
Applicant Profile: Huub Sterk
Freight Forwarder in Air and Ocean Freight, Transport, Logistics, Customs at ComeOn Logistics in the Rotterdam Area, Netherlands Transportation, Trucking, Railroad.

Advanced International Networks, Roltrex


University of Liverpool
Advanced International Networks (May 2011-Present)
Roltrex (January 2010-December)
Magaya Corporation (August 2009-December 2009)
SDV (June 2008- February 2009)
CEVA Logistics (September 2007-May 2008)
CGGVeritas (September 2006-August 2007)
Panalpina (November 2004- March 2006)
Various (July 2003-July 2004)
Additional Skills:
Experienced freight forwarder and knowledgeable in the transport industry.
Work experience from several countries with the ability to work from home, office, or remote location.
Knowledgeable in aircraft but prefer vessels and water when is comes to transport and logistics.
An open minded person, who learns from life experiences daily.
Won't stop at anything, if I cant find a solution I will find people who can.
Freight forwarding, Supply Chain Management, Logistics/Transportation for oil and gas, Project Freight Movement, Ocean/Air Freight, Onshore Representation for Subsea Vessels, HSE Auditing, Customs Clearance, Dangerous Goods Management
Recruiting and Talent Management
Recruitment is the first step of the HRM process after the Human Resources department had decided that a new logistic analyst is needed. This step involves the announcement of a job vacancy and therefore providing a job description to encourage qualified people to apply for the job. A distinction between Human Resource Management and Talent Management has to be made. Since Human Resources management deals with acquiring and training employees in the first place, creating a job profile from Talent Management perspective is crucial for the development of the talent of the new employee that is to be hired for the job to maximize his/her use of skills as an asset for the company. After doing a thorough analysis of the job concerning skills, experience, obligations, and values, we made the job vacancy available for the public.
Firstly, we assessed which distribution medium would be most adequate to distribute the job advertisement using the different options as described by MEILLER Business Advisory Services. Since we are generally seeking a more experienced analyst with prior work experiences we had to exclude college recruitment leaving us with the following channels:

Employee referrals
Corporate Website
Professional recruitment agency

We have used Blue Lynx (a professional recruitment agency based in Amsterdam), several web portals, and LinkedIn to distribute the ad. We also posted the job offer on our website www.networkhardware.com - more specifically in the career section which is fully oriented around Talent Management and allowing employees to develop themselves in the company's hierarchy. Unfortunately, employee referrals did not lead to any successful outcome.
Here at NHR we use a four layer selection process.
(1) After receiving job applications, the automated information system scans the documents with a special algorithm programmed to the job description and then filters and compiles a list of all suitable candidates.
(2) Within a day time our HR Manager, Ms. Mona Hempsted personally evaluates the list and then proceeds to establish initial email contact in which a date for a telephone interview will be arranged.
(3) This interview is used to find out more about the applicant and answer questions that arose from his/her application file.
(4) If this interview yields success then the candidate is invited for a personal meeting at the company location in Amsterdam - Leijnden. During this meeting he/she will be interviewed by the respective potential supervisor who will be assessing the suitability of the candidate. Upon successful completion a small company tour will be given and the applicant will be introduced to additional personnel. The Final decision will be send per email once the application round has been finalized.

In the case, of the current vacancy we also conducted background research to prevent irregularities and inappropriate selection and to get thorough information of the applicants given the importance of the job position.
Since all the candidates had extensive experience in the field of logistics and management and sufficient knowledge and qualification, we decided that our HR Manager should attend the interview together with Mr. Dave Blaine - the Logistic Manager. This was due to the fact that Ms. Hempsted also upholds a doctorate in Psychology which helped us to scrutinize more thoroughly how applicants could handle difficult situations using behavioural concepts.

In the end, we selected Huub Sterk as the most qualified applicant. The advantages of selecting him was that he already had a lot of experience in logistics and was fitting the organization structure. Furthermore his knowledge, specialization, as well as his international background and unique language expertise will certainly benefit the company and the sector he is applying for.
Orientation, also known as “Onboarding”, is an education process that introduces a new employee to his or her new position as well as to the structure, culture and requirements of the corporation. It also provides the new employee with basic background information in order to help them perfrom their new position and get familiar with the company and its policies as soon as possible.

After Huub Sterk has been selected to join our team, the orientation process begun immediately. Mr. Sterk received a packet containing everything required to know about the company. Some of the things included in the documentation were working hours, performance reviews, vacation time, benefits, daily routines, and expectations. There is also a history of the company and biographies about the executives.

It is the employee's task to read over the manual and familiarize him/herself with it by the time their orientation day comes, which is usually a day-long course held on their first offical day on the job. This program goes over everything in the handbook but in the real life setting of the company. This allows the new employee to see first hand how everything is done. By the end of the program he or she should feel welcomed, have a basic understanding of the company, know the policies and procedures, and ask any questions they may have. Additionally, each new employee is assigned an interim mentor who will help during the first three months of the onboarding process.
Theory taken from "An introduction to human resource management" book compiled by Manja Wilemse.
To decide which employees need to be trained we first analyze them and the sales and contacts they have made during the last month. By analyzing their tasks we have decided that new hired employees need more frequent trainings, while older employees do not need that much. Design-wise we have decided that the best approach is the face-to-face with outside hired specialist, due to the fact that in that way the employees will use most of their communication skills. Another advantage of face-to-face training is that it can help improving cultural understanding better than internet or mobile trainings. The trainings are given in all departments and are evaluated by both teachers and participants after the trainings.
In our company the managers have access to data and tables about the performance of the employees and subordinates. Normally, the critical incident method is applied in such situations which provides us with more information what is "right and wrong" about the employee's performance.
With the help of this we can observe unwanted behavior among the employees. For new employees the results are explored every second week so unwanted performance can be seen and managed at an earlier stage.
Theory taken and citation made from "An introduction to human resource management" book compiled by Manja Wilemse.
Reasons for choosing the critical incident method:
* Help getting better image of what is right and wrong

*Tied to already agreed objectives
Huub's ability to relocate and his experience from working in various countries has its strengths, but we also fear he may be a job hopper.
Each of his past work experiences has failed to last much more than a year, which could be a concern.* potential 'job-hopper
Each of his past work experiences has failed to last much more than a year, which could be a concern.
* potential 'job-hopper'
3 Months Have Passed
After the end of his 3 month trial period, Huub began to show signs of under performing. We found out that Huub Sterk has and maintains his own company while working for us. Consequently, we fear he is already uncomfortable with his new job or maybe he is just spending too much time working on his own company.
The NHR Difference
Our Company Culture
"We believe that by better understanding our customers and their needs, we can provide better solutions, support and service. The result is what we refer to the Network Hardware Resale (NHR) Advantage: speed, service, savings, and support."
Benefits for Employees
"A great job has its benefits!
Network Hardware Resale employees are generously rewarded for their work.
We believe that a good working environment composed of a highly movitated workforce is the backbone of the success of our company. Hence, we foster the personal and academic development of our employees on the highest level. Furthermore, we value integrity, commitment and high business ethics in our operations.
Our competitive benefits package for employees includes comprehensive health coverage, 401(k), paid holidays, training and annual bonus opportunities.

Health Benefits
NHR pays 100 percent of health, dental, and vision insurance for all full-time employees, employee spouses and dependents. All U.S. employees receive health coverage under Anthem Blue Cross, dental under Assurant Employee Benefits, and vision coverage by Medical Eye Services.

Making pre-tax 401(k) contributions gives employees a great advantage in planning their retirement. Participating employees choose to contribute a percentage of their income through payroll deduction and deposit it into selected funds. NHR matches employee contributions dollar-for-dollar up to the annual maximum.

Paid Time Off
Full-time hourly and salaried employees enjoy between 8 and 11 paid holidays per year, depending on location.

This is intended to be a summary of benefits. Network Hardware Resale reserves the right to amend the benefit program at its discretion.

Network Hardware Resale is an equal opportunity employer."
Become part of the family!
Our Executives
Mike Sheldon
Glenn Fassett
Mona Hempsted
Dave Blaine
James Carter
President and CEO
General Manager,
HR Manager
Vice President,
Logistic Manager
At NHR we believe that our high internationalization contributes to our competitve advantage. Furthermore, we also believe that our workforce determines the success of the company. Hence, we foster academic and personal development so our employees are trained constantly in various areas. These include but are not limited to conflict management, feedback and time management seminars. Additionally, due to the internationality of our firm, employees have the possibility to practise different languages and enhance their cultural understanding.
Another area in which we focus is communication skills in general. We aim on educating our employees to be able to communicate sufficiently with partners and customers. In order for this to happen we provide business writing workshops, academic lectures as well as sales and negotiation training.
We are searching for a Logistic Analyst!
To conclude, we would like to overview on how the assignment went. In our opinion, what went particularly well is the process of transferring the theoretical background into our project. In this perspective, we believe the difficult part was to combine the relevant theory from the OBM-4 classes and the book, the real application letter, and explain this briefly using our own creativity to do so. We are very pleased with how this developed during the assignment. Overall, this particular assignment was a little more vague than we were used to due to its creative nature and we were required to fill up a bit more empty gaps in the making process of this assignment than during other assignments we have dealt with so far. Once we had a clear picture of what was exactly expected from us, we were able to set up a work plan and start to actually work on understanding the human resource process. One thing that we would have definitely done differently if we had the chance, is concerning the fact that we had a different idea of showing our understanding of the human resource process first. Namely, using a video. If we were able to figure out that this was not the most effective way for us earlier, it could have saved us quite a significant amount of time. In advance, the overall thinking process together with obtaining knowledge about the human recourse process and using our own creativity to explain this made it a quite fun and useful “out of the box” assignment.
Curve Ball Solution

After three months of evaluating Mr. Sterk his performances, he began to show signs of underperforming and our earlier fears about him being, a “job-hopper” or too busy with his own company, became grounded. Now we face a difficult decision, whether to keep Huub employed or to decide if we should look for someone else to do the job. We have decided to offer Huub Sterk a short contract due to all the benefits, and qualities we have identified during the selection process. Three months ago we figured that he was the most suitable person to do the job, and we still believe so. Hence, we feel that we should motivate him in a different way and therefore we have decided to set specific targets for him to meet. In advance, we would like to pay his salary partly in a form of shares so that if he is underperforming he will suffer from this himself as well as we do. This, together with additional training should lead to better performance of Mr. Sterk. We will not hesitate to tell him in a personal development conversation that we are not satisfied with the current way he is performing. If after a period of another 3 months he is still underperforming, we will seriously start considering to decruite Mr. Sterk after all.
Compensation is the primary motivator for employees, and people are looking not only for a job that suits their abilities, but a job that benefits them both in terms of salary as in other benefits.

At NHR we want to keep our highly qualified and skilled employees motivated and in a good state of mind in order to perform at their best at work.
At NHR we take care of our employees and try to develop their careers according to their potential abilities and skills. As we acknowledge the importance of keeping well-performing personnel for the well-being of our company, we also believe that they deserve the opportunity to be happy with their jobs and therefore maximize their efforts. We want them to fit best into our organization, so job changes and promotions are always applied. They also deserve appraisal for undertaking continuous efforts and hard-workers are rewarded with compensation and benefits accordingly. Hence, our talent management system is focusing on fostering the strenghts of our employees as we strongly believe they are our backbone of sucess.
In the case of Mr. Sterk, we have already established a job profile and as mentioned before, he fully covers the skills and requirements for the position of logistics analyst. His opportunities for further career development include only high level management positions and we believe he would fit well if promoted. However, due to the fact that he shows signs of under performance, and taking into consideration his passion for logistics and trasportation, we decided it is best to remain his current position and try to motivate him more.
To do so we use a skill-based pay system;
This is a system which pays employees,
next to their basic salary, an additional
payment if they demonstrate skills,
competencies, and/or knowledge which
is rewarded by the system.
Huub Sterk went through the normal orientation process that all employees go through and along with being introduced to his direct supervisor a company announcement was made to help him meet his new colleagues. This was to give him the best possibility to integrate successfully, adapt, and function within the new company as well as help with the socialization process.
Next to the salary we offer our employees several benefits which include the following:
Health & dental benefits
Life and AD&D (Accidental Death or Dismemberment)
Pension Plans
Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Because we, at NHR, want to be creative in the use of offering benefits in order to keep the highly skilled employees. In advance we are offering:
A paid “off” at you birthday
And the ability to use sick days as “health days” to allow our employees to have a break every now and then without using all their holidays or pretending to be sick.
These are two performance appraisal methods we are applying at NHR
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