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Using Visual Aids in Speeches

No description

Sarah Shipes

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Using Visual Aids in Speeches

Using Visual Aids
In Speeches
1) Interest
2) Clarity: Your audience can SEE what you are talking about.
3) Retention: Visual images often stay with people longer than verbal messages.
Visual Aids Provide Several Advantages
Types of Visual Aids
Keep them simple.
Information at a glance.
Use large and clear font.
Use Quality pictures, video, and audio.
Check the technology before you use it.
Avoid passing the aids around.
Talk to the audience not the visual aid.
Explain what they are looking at (picture/video).
Tips for ALL Visual Aids
Use a variety of different media
Video Clips
Audio Clips
Multimedia Presentations
Prezis & Power-points
should use a variety of pictures, videos and audio clips.
During your speech...
Visual aid "Dos & Don'ts"
Maintain eye contact with the audience (Do NOT read from your visual aid).
Explain pictures/videos/audio clips.
Give audience time to view each slide/frame/picture (Do NOT rush through your speech, but do NOT pause a long time).
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