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04.05 Graphing Exponential FUnctions

No description

anna williams

on 24 December 2014

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Transcript of 04.05 Graphing Exponential FUnctions

Create the price function for Stock D. It should have the second lowest starting price and the second highest rate of growth. Using complete sentences, justify that your function meets these requirements.
f(x) = 26(1.3)x
First you have to choose between the initial starting prices (between 25 and 30)
Then you have to choose a number between 1.08 and 1.4 (1.3)

A recent drop in sales has affected Stock D with the function g(x) = –6. Explain to Gordon how Stock D’s new price function, f(x) + g(x), will be created. Graph f(x) + g(x).
F(1) + g(-6) = 33.8 - 6
F(1) + g(-6) = 27. 8

Graph the price function for Stock D. Explain the key features of the graph with complete sentences.
f(1) = 26(1.3)(1)
F(1) = 33.8
F(2) = 26(1.3)2
F(2) = 67.6

F(x) = 33.8
04.05 Graphing Exponential FUnctions
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