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Hatchet UbD

No description

Karen Cardoza

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet UbD

created by
Karen J. Cardoza Understanding by Design Unit Essential Questions Stage 2
Assessment Evidence Next Steps My Desired Results Stage 3
Learning Plan *Refer to lesson plan for guided reading and daily activities
Accommodations for lower level learners include:
Adaptive text available from Sherlock Center http://ric.edu/sherlockcenter/wwslist.html
Regalia, photos, videos, gestures to support vocabulary
Working collaboratively with a peer on all projects and activities
Alternate assessments
Indivualized modifications based on formative assessment throughout unit Understandings Good readers and writers apply different strategies to construct meaning.
Authors use stories to show human experiences
Characters change and grow in reaction to their situations.
When faced with adversity, people can survive. Stage 1 Desired Results What role does the hatchet play in the novel?
Why is the setting important to this story?
How does Brian adapt and change throughout the novel?
What can you learn about life from fiction?
How does the author show what Brian is feeling and thinking?
How do you apply reading strategies to better understand this story? Through role-play students interview Brian about his experiences, citing evidence from the text to support his change and growth.
Create a flip-book showing cause/effect illustrating how events brought about his changes.
Create a video presentation discussing personal challenges faced describing what was done to overcome them.
Other: responses to essential questions, quizzes, tests, journal entries, venn diagram, story maps, etc I am planning on teaching this unit in the spring
with a colleague and will use formative assessment
data to adjust as necessary to insure that all learners
are meeting the standards and goals set forth in the unit. Collaboratively teach unit with 6th grade general education teacher to include all students Learn about UbD Create a unit using the UbD method
Integrate CCSS with RI AAGSEs to create a unit Hatchet by Gary Paulsen Students will analyze text, citing textual evidence; describe story's plot; compare and contrast text and movie; work collaboratively; use critical thinking and problem solving skills and effective written and oral communication skills.

*refer to lesson plan for CCSS and RI AAGSEs Thanks for your attention! Karen :-) Hatchet Trivia Game http://www.funtrivia.com/newflash/trivia.cfm?qid=152702
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