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Open House Presentation

My mock open house presentation for classroom management.

Bevin Brogan

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Open House Presentation

Procedure Homework Folders Arrival Restroom Dismissal Homework Parents 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Types of Instruction I like to vary my teaching methods between:
total immersion
communicative approach
Every student can learn.
Life long learners concept Assessment Monthly Journals & conversations
Short story quizzes
Every 9 weeks students will work with groups to create a cultural presentation.
Every 9 weeks students will take a basic skills test.
The midterm and final will be oral proficiency exams.
BIG PROJECT: fairytale project and reading to students in Whitehall Elementary Bienvenidos a mi clase! Un poquito sobre yo...
Seton Hill University
BA in Spanish, Creative Writing
Currently residing in Baldwin
Studied abroad in Costa Rica
loves: exercising, reading, relaxing, playing with my puppy
dislikes: bacon, not moving around What will students be doing this year? Continuing their adventure through the Spanish language.
Exploring Spain, Venezuela, Mexico or Costa Rica, & one hispanic country of their choice.
Conversing with other students daily
Reading 4-6 short Spanish novels
Studying spanish fairytales
Creating a fairytale for Whitehall Elementary. Parent Involvement We all share a desire for our students to learn, let us work together to create life long learners.

There will be ample opportunities to volunteer through BHS and my classroom. I will be passing around a contact list. If you would like to volunteer, please provide me with contact information.

Throughout this year, teachers and parents are going to aid students to become life long learners. Together we can do it! Family Role in classroom I encourage you to aid your students with following the rules.
I chose these rules to ensure the functionality of my classroom, and I hope that you will support the rules I have proposed. At BHS we offer many clubs and sporting teams including:
spanish club
drama club
student government
and we encourage all students to participate in after school activities Señorita Brogan-Español 4
Baldwin High School-Room 237 Rules 1. Be on time
2. Bring all materials to class daily
3. Respect yourself and others
4. Raise your hand before you speak
5. Have a positive attitude Consequences Strike One: Verbal Reprimand
Strike Two: Name written down
Strike Three: Lunch/after school detention
After Strike Three: Higher Authority Rationale Following these rules will ensure students are prepared, on time, and on task daily.
Following these rules will also ensure students do not interrupt or get interrupted during speaking.
Having a positive attitude is vital to the functionality of my classroom. Upon entering the room, students are to take their seat quietly and begin working on the Bellringer on the board.
If you are late to class, please take your seat quietly and start working on the task at hand (I will be around to pick up your pass). If you would like to use the restroom, please raise your hand and remain quiet seated until I dismiss you.
Sign the "sign out" sheet by the door before exiting.
Take the appropriate pass with you to the restroom.
When you return, sign in and continue working quietly When the bell rings, you are to stay in your seat and remain quiet until I dismiss you.

The entire class will not be dismissed until everyone is seated in their assigned seat and quiet. Homework assignments are to be turned in the day they are due.
One day late: 5 points off total possible
two days late: 10 points off total possible
three days late: 15 points off total possible
Four days late: 20 points off total possible
Five days late: Incomplete

*Special circumstances apply To turn in late assignments, please place homework in “to be graded” folder located at the front of the room. These assignments should be turned in before class starts or at the end of class before leaving the classroom.

The assignments you turn into this folder will be graded and available to pick up within the week.

You may pick up graded late work from the “graded” folder located at the front of the room. These assignments should be taken before class starts or at the end of class before leaving the classroom. Bevin C. Brogan
Baldwin High School
Room 237
Pittsburgh PA 15236

Phone: 412-777-6666
email: bevinbrogan@gmail.com
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