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What to do

No description

Crystal Rupp

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of What to do

Beamers Action Flow Chart
Before the whistle!
Line up is called.
Four Whistles Blast to End Jam
Line up heads out to the track to take the agreed upon position (Back line, front line, pivot line)

Blockers look back where our jammer (J) and where opposing jammer (OJ) are located.

Reassess strategy as needed.

Make eye contact with your jammer.
5 Second Warning
Whistle Blows to Start the Jam
If you're in the line-up move to the end of the bench closest to the jammer line.
Begin visualization for the jam.
Talk with your teammates about a plan.
If you aren't in the line up. Stay alert, aware and watch the action.
Cheer on your teammates.
Do not shout out plays.
Get in final ready position
Count down in your head
4 on 4
4 on 3/3 on 2
our advantage
4 on 2
our advantage
3 on 3
4 on 3/ 3 on 2
their advantage
4 on 2
2 on 2
Cap inside
Cap outside
Create hole in the middle
If we have the front wall
Cap inside
Everybody bumps
Everybody sits
For all plays, typically 3 defense, 1 offense.
4 on 3/ 3 on 2
Our advantage
Players typically play mostly defense
If we have the back line:
Cap inside
Cap outside
Everybody bumps
If we have the front line:
Open up the middle
Everybody sits
One skater gets a spot on the back line
4 on 2
Our Advantage
Get the back line

Defense ONLY
4 on 2
Their Advantage
Take the front

Start Offensively
2 on 2
Line up in front of the OJ.

Start with defensive focus
3 on 3
If we get the back:
Cap the inside
Cap the outside

If we get the front:
Cap the inside
Clear the middle
Everybody sits
Should be primarily defensive with maybe 1 skater playing offense
4 on 3/ 3 on 2
Their advantage
Take the front line
Players should be primarily defensively focused.
If both jammers are on the track
4 on 4
If we have the back wall
Our Jammer gets out first and is lead jammer.
Our jammer gets out first and is not lead jammer.

OJ gets out first and is lead jammer.
OJ gets out first and is not lead jammer.

Focus on defense and keeping the pack slow.
If the OJ escapes, go strictly offense and try to slow down or stop the pack.
Sprint quickly around to try to score points.
If the OJ escapes, try to complete one last pass.
Call off the jam as soon as the OJ comes into scoring position.
Try to keep OJ in pack as long as possible.
If OJ gets out, race to the front and try to speed the pack up to force her to call it.
If you can't get to the front, at least get together.
Sprint around the track, try to score points before the opposing jammer calls it.
Switch to offense to try to get our jammer out.

Switch back to defense for OJ initial scoring pass.

If she blows past the initial scoring pass, go all offense to stop the bleeding.

Once our jammer is free, move to the front and try to speed the pack up.
Work to get out.

If able to help on defensive for first scoring pass, assist but do so without getting a penalty. Mostly focus on getting out of the pack
Focus on getting our jammer out so that she can get lead and call off the jam.
Get out of the pack and get lead jammer.

Call off the jam - unless the OJ gets a penalty.
Power Jam
Penalty Kill
Things to keep in mind during play:
Stop the pack.

One blocker makes sure we do not destroy the pack.

Another blocker watches the OJ and lets the pack know when she stands.

Do not let the opposing team drag our blocker back.

Create a solid wall and as you get pushed out, work to get the OJ out of bounds and pushed back.

DO NOT GO TO THE BOX. If you're still on the track you aren't a guaranteed point.
If you get a penalty just go to the box. Don't argue, don't make a face, just go, quickly.
Communicate about everything, keep in mind that your tone of voice can convey a lot.
Aggressive offense by either creating a hole or chaos.
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