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Maha Zahab

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My Personal Profile
The Benefits School has given me
The Impact of the past 3 years
Since year 7 , school has dramatically impacted me, as my imagination and knowledge have grown drastically. It has given me many opportunities to mend with other cultures and schools. I have made new friends, that I have spent many memories and funny moments with. School has improved my understanding on my weak topics and has taught me a range of new topics. The religious factors in the school , have helped me understand and learn many things about Islam that i would never think of. Overall, the past few years, have shown me many new aspects of life and changed me as a person.

The Future
In 5 years time, I hope to see myself at UNI, in the beginning of studying my degree. I also wish to see myself engaged, ready to move on in my life. I would like to be more matured and grown up, as I would hit the age of 20. I would of ended my teen years and looking forward to set a future in my life, with a partner.
One Major Success

During my school life, I have accomplished many assessment tasks and projects, specifically regarding Technology and IST, as I always managed to be one of the highest students ranked within these past years. I have also succeeded in my Arabic understanding, as I have learnt many new concepts, which have increased my knowledge. Also, within these past years, I have been rewarded many awards for lending a helping hand and for my positive attitude towards my studies.
An Insight on Me

Maha Zahab

Date of Birth:
Favourite Color:
Favourite Sport:

Favourite Food:

Favourite App:

Favourite Movie:

The Notebook
Favourite Show:

Sam and Cat

Reading, spending time with friends, eating
Best friend:

Cecilia Ayoubi


Al-Noori Muslim School has provided me with a strong education on all my subjects and especially on my Islamic background. It has benefited me with my attitude and respect towards school and others. Also, has given me a broad of tasks to accomplish , preparing me for my future. School has produced new people and friends that have guided me and stood by me through my high school years. I also have learnt to meet a new range of teachers that have taught me and helped me throughout my years.
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