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Technology Trends

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Z.Neha Naeem

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Technology Trends

How technology has advanced throughout evolution
electrical efficiency
weight loss
projection methods
plastic surgery

Gaming in 2D and 3D
Trend: As technology advances video games become more realistic. Due to the fact that the demand for video games is increasing, the production for it also increases.
The Future of Gaming
There was a video game console that outputted a video signal to display a video game in 1976.

In 1993, video games were viewed mainly as a pastime for children. Most of the top-selling games, such as
"Sonic the Hedgehog"
"Super Mario World"
were appropriate for people of all ages.
As the media continues to create a specific image to define beauty, and as technologies advance. Ways to configure physical appearance such as surgeries will become more extreme.
In 2013,
motion control, better graphics, and more complex games
began to play a major role in shaping the gaming world.
E.g., 3-D games.

For example,
x-box kinect sensors
allowed players to control games with hand motions, rather than the controllers.
Instead of games appearing to be
, they will begin to appear
You'll be able to play the game with devices that will allow you to be in a
virtual world filled with great sound effects.
there was no specific image in what was beautiful
little to no media influences promoting a certain physique
surgeries were only used for illness
only way known to change appearance was...........

Media has a great influence on our daily lives
creates a whole new perspective of beauty and is very specific increasing .....
technologies have advanced
developed new procedures eg. bot ox, Autologous Fat Transfer, breast implant, tummy tuck, and nose reshaping
can configure physical apearance

These procedures are HIGH IN DEMAND!
Future innovation transgenic sperm or "designer sperm"
was tested on lab rats and shown that the rats throughout three generations carried specific gene
Weight Loss
New technologies are evolving to meet the needs of society's benefits for improved health. Increase in weight is one of the main global health crisis. As more numbers of people gain weight, the production of weight losing products also increase.
The Past...
Some ways to lose weight were:
and wearing belts around waist to create an illusion of a tighter waist.
In the past, surgeries and pills were available but weren't as popular (compared to the present) due to more people fearing about the risks. Safer and healthier choices were made in order to achieve that fit body.
The Present...
In the present time, most commonly, safe and effective method for some, is simply exercising and dieting. But new and innovative technologies also perform great ways and risky methods to create a slim look.
Some ways to loose weight (through technology) are:
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG)
By using a tube (endoscope) passed down the mouth and into the stomach to tighten the stomach valves or smaller pouch which leads to less hunger, which should result in eating less.
The Obalon balloon -
Swallow the small capsule, which is attached to a tube, and it expands in your stomach. This innovative pill makes the consumer feel fuller, which leads to less consumption of food = weight lose

The Future...
The future is certain to offer a wider variety of less invasive or risky options for weight loss, yet the Obalon balloon pill can be considered near-future product.
In the future, doctors hope to receive the best major product that does not require surgery for patient...improved medical (nonsurgical) weight loss techniques and medications will come onto the scene.
Electrical Efficiency
Over time, more of our technology is advancing and the less we worry about our ecological footprint. Due to this innovation is advancing to reduce emissions
In the Past
Not many people were aware of the fact that some kinds of energy can harm the environment. This resulted in them blindly consuming great quantities of energy.
Projection Methods

As businesses increase and technology advances, there are new techniques in displaying an idea.
Also, as technology evolves, it leads projection methods to be more realistic (e.g. movies, cinema’s)
Over the years, we have started to notice the harm consuming too much energy does. So we have created new ways of generating energy as well as reducing our energy consumption, making technology more efficient.
In the past, projecting required a hard copy of what you wanted to project.

-overhead projector
-slide projectors

In the Past...
Incandescent Light Bulbs
Today, projection has evolved making visual appearance more engaging and is very efficient, examples include:
-Smart board
-LCD projectors
-Blueray/ 3-D

-working on adding projection technology into their devices for business purposes.
-free and interactive with gestures
-technology will detect shadow that is casted by users hand and different devices will be able to receive image projected.

Samsung: is also projecting movies.


Looking Forward to the Future
We will find more efficient ways of generating power without harming our planet.
Solar Paneled Blinds
-choosing a healthy diet
-eating in moderation

herbal remedies including ;lemon, honey, and yogurt.. etc.
Solar Garden Lights
prevent unwanted genes
to cure any disease
lead to production of new organs
create babies with chosen genes eg. gender, eye color, size, and other physical characteristics
Cars, Trucks, etc.
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