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Little Rock Nine-5 Facts

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Justin Young

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Little Rock Nine-5 Facts

The little rock nine were very important people in civil rights history. All of these african american students had to face so many unimaginable hardships to get to where they wanted segregation to be today. They just wanted whites and blacks to come together as one The little Rock Nine Fact Number 5 Fact Number 2 Today the Little Rock Nine is an historic group of people that have changed civil rights forever. In 1999, President Bill Clinton awarded them with Congressional Medals of honor to pay respect to what they have done. Today, there is only one surviving member today and that is Elizabeth Eckford. Also, almost all the members from the Little Rock Nine have had a college education. Fact Number 1 Before any of the students even got into the school it first started off with the brown vs. board debate.He Brown won the rights of african-american students to go to college but, not to public high schools. Eventually, brown won that debate also and the students could go to a public high school. It took the Little Rock nine 20 days to get into a high school. On September 4th (the first day of school) the national guard turned down any of the students entering. On September 23rd the students got into the building through a back entrance. The white rioters took notice and started to get out of control and the school had to let the students leave before noon. There were nine african-american students in the little rock nine. All of the students first day of school was September 25th, 1957. This caused an outrage among the white ethnicity. Many of the students in the Little Rock Nine got ridiculed and bullied most of their time in the school. Fact Number 3 Fact Number 4 The first person to graduate high school out of the little rock nine was Ernest Green in 1958. This was an historic moment in the african american community. No other black male or female ever graduated from an all white school. Dwight Eisenhower sent between 1,100-1,200 troops from the 101st Airborne Division to escort all of the students from the little rock nine into their first day of school. He did this because there were many riots around the perimeter of the school that were not allowing any of the students to pass. Also, since Eisenhower did this the troops took over the Arkansas' national guard and took the power away from governor Faubus who wanted nothing to do with any black students.
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