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Unit 3: PUblic Art

No description

Andrea R. Schmid

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of Unit 3: PUblic Art

An Example:
The Cow Parade
Survey - (Or Skim) Look at the passage. Focus on the title, headings, and other important-looking info.
Interpreting Art
in Tuscaloosa
"Sculpture on Campus Causes Unintended Giggles"
Bring an image of a piece of public art that you are
personally familiar
with. It can be local or from another place that you've lived.
In paragraph or essay form, answer the following questions.
Use five vocabulary words.
What is this piece of art, what does it look like, and where is it located?
How do you interpret this piece of art?
How does the artwork fit into (or stand out from) its environment? How does it affect people?
Unit 3: In the Public Eye
Have you been to an art gallery or museum lately? What did you like or dislike about that experience?
What is different about the experience of seeing art outside, compared with going to an art gallery or museum?
How would you define "public art"? What types of things would this include? What, do you think, is its purpose?
Question - Create questions based on the info above.
Read - Read the passage, focusing on finding the answers to your questions.
Recite - Close your book and try to say (or write) the answers.
Review - Go back to the passage, check your answers, and re-read anything you were confused about.
What: An academic reading technique
Why: To help you focus better and remember more
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
fabric and textiles
n. [C]
n. [c]
adj/n [c]
n. something that you say or write that shows your opinion
The teacher
a comment about his spelling.
v. to express an opinion about someone or something
She commented
his spelling.
She commented
he needed to work on his spelling.

n. pl. standards by which you ​judge, ​decide about, or ​deal with something
Which criteria do you use to choose a good book to read? I look for a book that is interesting and a little bit challenging.
n. sing. - criterion (rarely used)
adj. ​relating to a ​particular ​race of ​people
The registration form asks about your ethnic background.
adj. from a different ​race, or ​interesting because ​characteristic of an ethnic ​group that is very different from those that are ​common in ​western ​culture
There are a lot of great ethnic restaurants in Orange County.
n. sing. - an ​amount of ​money ​saved, ​collected, or ​provided for a ​particular ​purpose
Have you started a college fund for your children yet?
n. pl. - money ​needed or ​available to ​spend on something
The university doesn't have the funds to build a new library right now.
v. - to ​provide the ​money to ​pay for an ​event, ​activity, or ​organization
A very wealthy alumnus has offered to fund the construction of a new computer lab.
n. an ​area on a ​playing ​field, that usually has two ​posts with a ​net ​fixed behind them, where ​players ​try to ​send the ​ball in ​order to ​score in ​sports such as ​football and ​hockey; or a point scored when a player gets the ball into this area.
Our team just
another goal!
n. an aim or purpose.
What are your educational and career goals?

n. (usually pl.) - ​information ​intended to ​advise ​people on how something should be done or what something should be
A list of guidelines
your final project will be posted on Titanium.
The municipal government has issued guidelines
which types of art may be displayed on city property.
v. to look carefully at something to see if there is anything wrong.
Before take-off, a pilot should inspect his or her plane for mechanical problems.
v. to ​decide what the ​intended ​meaning of something is
How do you interpret this piece of art?

v. to make new laws
Many municipal governments have legislated
smoking in public.
adj. (of two or more ​people or ​groups) ​feeling the same ​emotion, or doing the same thing to or for each other
The partners worked well together because of their mutual respect and understanding.
adj. ​continuing to ​exist or ​develop, or ​happening at the ​present ​moment
There are several ongoing art exhibits around campus.
n. a set of ​ideas or a ​plan of what to do in ​particular ​situations that has been ​agreed to ​officially by a ​group of ​people, a ​business ​organization, a ​government, or a ​political ​party
Our university has a campus-wide no-smoking policy.
adj. based on facts and not affected by someone’s emotions or imagination
If you are suffering from culture shock, you may want to give up on learning English and just go home. However, staying here is a much more rational choice.
n. a ​subject that is ​discussed, written about, or ​studied
Our book includes topics from a variety of academic fields.
The Explorers Guild:
Rick Ross and Explorations
in Graphic Fiction

Until December 15, 2016
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