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Types of journal

No description

UCS Library

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Types of journal

Types of Journal

Magazines are written for the general public
The tone of articles will be light and conversational in style
Articles won't be long or extensive
Magazine articles don't normally include references or bibliographies
They are usually published weekly or monthly
Magazines are easy to browse
They often have their own websites
Scholarly or academic Journals
Aimed at an academic and professional audience
Articles are written by academics or professionals in the subject
Articles will be lengthy, detailed and include references and bibliographies
You will find these journals in print or electronic format
Articles will be
Trade and professional journals
Aimed at a particular profession or trade
Articles are written by people working within the profession
Articles are unlikely to be peer reviewed, however, because articles are written by people with knowledge they could be useful
Can include product reviews, news and job adverts
Easy to browse

PC Magazine
Digital SLR Photography
Radio Times

good for
background information
current affairs
Academic journals - good for
when you need in depth articles about a specific subject
Up-to-date research
Newspapers can be local, regional or national
There are two styles of newspaper

Broadsheet newspapers
Report news in a serious and factual manner

The Times
The Guardian
The Daily Telegraph
The Financial Times
Tabloid newspapers
The Sun
The Daily Mail
The Daily Mirror
Children and society
Nursing administration quarterly
Psychology and Health
British Journal of Photography
British Journal of social work
Nursing Standard
A journal is a publication that appears at regular intervals, weekly, monthly or quarterly.
Journals are sometimes called magazines or periodicals.
Let's have a look at the different types of journal available.

Trade journals - good for
When you need specialist information
Will often report on current affairs related to the subject

Good for
Information about current events and affairs
Can provide opinion and reviews
You will be expected to use academic journals to support your work.
Look for peer reviewed articles in academic journals.
Use newspapers to find out about current affairs (what's in the news).
Use magazines with caution.
Trade magazines are acceptable but the articles may not be peer-reviewed.
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