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Nicole's Poster Planning

No description

Emillie and Nicole

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Nicole's Poster Planning

When I started to design my film cover I had a basic idea
of how I wanted it to look. The film is based around The Doll so I thought it made sense for it to be the main image. As well as taking separate pictures of the doll when filming I also done a few screen shots from the footage that we had. I used photoshop and the basic edits you can use on Word to make the picture darker; the photo was originally taken in daylight.
There is never usually a lot of text on a film cover as the main focus is on the image which is why it must have a lot of attention paid when designing the cover. I chose this specific image as it portrays the horror genre by the 'scary' doll face; it could be easily manipulated into a darker image suiting the genre more.
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